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D 12
Their first effort aptly titled Devil’s Night sold a rock steady 4 million copies worldwide, establishing D-12 as a force to reckon with. With the release of their latest joint D-12 World, Eminem, Bizarre, Kon Artis, Swift, Kuniva and Proof who form the notorious band D 12, are all set to conquer global charts once more. The first single off the album - My Band is already sitting cozy in the top 10.

The Record gets an exclusive behind-the-scenes peak into the world of these funkmasters.

TR: How did you conceive the album D-12 World ?
Kuniva: We listen to the beat, that is where the album comes from. We listen to what the beat says.
Eminem: We take it day by day, song by song, anyone can jump on a track and do whatever he wants with it. It is not a complicated process, we just work as one big family.
Swifty: Yea…we just individually add our element to the track, it could be a chorus, a verse, or the beat.
Bizzare: It really don’t matter how many of us are recording, be there two of us or the group, we know that the D12 vibe is what our style is.
Proof: Basically we use the same formula that we used on the first album, ‘cuz it worked.

TR: Which producers have you worked with on this album?
Eminem: We have used outside producers like West and Red Spider. But let it be known that I am the lead singer of D-12!
Proof: The first album had Dr Dre, Eminem and Kon Artis, I guess this album also has those three again! But, I think this album is dope, because it is not your typical D12, cause the producers we worked with brought their own vibe to the album.
Kon Artis: This album rocks ‘cos we got more creative control than the previous one. We got to choose the kind of music we want to use.
Swifty: The album is incomplete without mentioning Dre, he really makes it happen man. Everything else doesn’t matter that much, as much as Dre being on the album does.

TR: What’s your favourite song on the new album?
Kuniva: Good question, but I think every song on the album is a favourite. There is a song called Good Die Young which is a very personal song for all of us. It talks about people who die young, and how they have struggled all through their life. We are talking about Bugz, you know he was a member of D-12, he got killed before the album came out. So the song is in his memory.
Eminem: I think every track that I am on, is a favourite.
Bizzare: Let’s Get It Crackin, cause I love that beat. It’s downright crazy, and has a funky energy to it. Its something you have never heard before.
Proof: My favourite song right now is Getting My Gun, ‘cos I like what the song says. It has all the members singing, its up tempo and real fast. It has this raunchy feel, and I like it when I sing I Want To Give ‘Em My Gun, that’s me doing my thing.

You can read the rest of our feature on D 12 in the May 2004 issue of The Record Music Magazine available at your local newsagent.

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