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Record Rating: **** 1/2

Loving You - Various Artists Another love songs compilation from EMI. But unlike its predecessor Power Ballads (which I reviewed a few months back) this compilation seems to have included a few hit songs from the 70's to the mid 90's - and lots of recent acts as well.

This is romance with a capital "R". Looking for a way to express your feelings for your girlfriend or just that cute girl who lives next door? Then this is probably the compilation of love songs that should definitely get the message across. From R&B, to Rock and Pop standards Ė Loving You is a double album thatís a steal at the price itís at. With 38 different artists and songs, itís chockablock full of the stuff you catch on MTV everyday. From boy band Blue with their Guilty to Robbie Williams with his Feel good song Ė the modern hits just keep on coming. Move onto some Ronan Keating with his When You Say Nothing At All, Irish boy band Westlife with Swear It Again and Kylie Minogue with her disco tinged In Your Eyes - the sentiments never seem to stop. Great for those first date Casanovas. Close the lights and just sit there. The girl should get the hint by the time youíve started playing disc 2. Still if that doesnít work...kiss her you fool! And yep, itís true, some of these tracks can be easily found on other compilation - but itís the standout tracks that make this album unique- like Didoís Here With Me, INXS with their Beautiful Girl and Tina Turner with the classic Missing You.

The truth be told - some of the classics artists and their songs seem to be totally out of place with Atomic Kitten, Spice Girls, Hanson and the other teeny pop thatís on here. For that I automatically docked a star in my rating, for more attention could have been paid while selecting the songs. But hey, at the cheap affordable price this double cd is going at, you canít expect everything. Not a bad deal.

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Robi Draco Rosa
Shahrukh Khan
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