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Shahrukh Khan
The media ‘war’ between King Khan Shah Rukh and the hardcore critics long forgotten the superstar chats exclusively with The Record.

The Record (TR): To set the ball rolling, you offered Dreamz Unlimited to the cinegoers and now it’s Red Chillies Entertainment. How does that work?
Shah Rukh Khan (SRK): As you know, Dreamz Unlimited was the production banner that I had launched with Juhi Chawla as my business partner. This time around she was very busy and away for almost a year on her second maternity leave and also for her other non-filmy projects. I decided to produce Main Hoon Na under the official tutelage of my wife Gauri. Hence, the change of name in the banner. Yes, even Main Hoon Na is full of entertainment like Dreamz Unlimited’s earlier movies. The new name Red Chillies Entertainment was just to add a little bit of spice.

TR: Main Hoon Na is allegedly a copy of the Hollywood flick Back To School. So was that also part of adding peppy spice by you and your newly formed company mates?
SRK: Ya Allah! Why do you guys always try to unearth unwanted skeletons buried in the filmy coffins! But seriously speaking, I would not like to make any comments on this count until the audiences go and watch the movie and then decide for themselves.

TR: So if not Back To School, then what is it inspired by?
SRK: Well! I would say let’s forget about this inspiration business. In fact, let me add that Main Hoon Na is a modern day adaptation of the Mythology epic Ramayana.

TR: How is that so?
SRK: You see Farah Khan, my director, always chides me by saying that Main Hoon Na is the masala-topped new age Ramayana. But jokes apart, in this film I am enacting the role of Major Ram Prasad Sharma - notice the word ‘Ram’, yes I play the modern day avatar of Lord Ram who is bent on bringing peace in his native town plagued by terrorists. A dream that my father (Naseeruddin Shah) and even my mother (Kirron Kher) couldn’t fulfill. Then I also have the task of eliminating the modern day Ravana - Raghvan the terrorist (Suniel Shetty). In between, I also have the task of protecting my kid brother Lakshman - Lucky (Zayed Khan), just watch out for him he is going to be a big shocking surprise, and his beloved Sanjana (Amrita Rao). While my Seeta happens to be the golden hearted albeit the strict School Marm (Sushmita Sen).

TR: What’s was your director Farah Khan’s vision of Main Hoon Na? SRK: Oh! She always mischievously refers to the film as the 70’s dream project of director Manmohan Desai revisited. Which, according to her, comprised of everything from a dying father, a crying mother, separated brothers, a villain, blasts too happening topped with loads and loads of young and middle-aged romance, item songs and then finally everything coming together in the end as a whole.

You can read the rest of our exclusive with Shahrukh Khan in the May 2004 issue of The Record Music Magazine available at your local newsagent.

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