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Backstreet Boys
Heart throb boy bands of the past, like the New Kids On The Block, Take That and even Blue have all flashed by and disappeared without leaving much of a blip on the radar of today's public consciousness. But the Backstreet Boys are different. For even though these boys are quite obviously men now, they're not ashamed to let the world know that they're back! Re-entering the pop world with a sound that is an evolution from their past, this is the beginning of a new era for the Backstreet Boys.

Only one publication in India was given an all access pass into their world with an exclusive one on one interview with the boys - courtesy their music company Sony/Bmg Music India. The Record isn't the number one music magazine in India for nothing you know! We managed to catch up with boys themselves and find out what all the fuss was about and this is what they had to say…

What's like the biggest misconception about the Backstreet Boys?
Howie: (Laughs) That we never intended to get back together someday and make our music again. People thought that we had split and gone our individual ways. But we just needed a break from the spotlight for a while. Needed to get a grip on the craziness and hype surrounding the group. That's exactly what we did and now we're back and stronger than ever!

So what's the new album all about?
Howie: We started recording in January last year. We were just experimenting. Just trying different sounds. We went a lot more organic. There's a lot more guitar, live strings, live drums. We tried to get away from the whole synth sound, stuff that we used to do.

Cool. So any surprises in store for a long time fan who'll pick the new album up?
Nick: We've all grown up. Our lives have been changed. AJ's gone through a lot of stuff. I've gone from a 12 year old boy to a 25 year old man. Brian started a family. That shows in the music also, we had to grow up in a sense, but at the same time keep it sort of cool and organic in a way that we respect. It's changed, coz we're older and the music's changed.

It's been years since we've seen a full length album from you. Why did it take so long?
AJ: Everything's changed in my life since I've been sober. We're really enjoying this new album cycle. We all have a really great bond now than ever before. With the Black & Blue tour, there was a lot of darkness around that tour. We had been touring straight for nine years, so we took a much deserved break and we all cleared our heads and now we're all really excited to be making music and touring again. We're all really stoked about it.

During the "Backstreet Boys craze," was it possible to have a normal relationship with a woman?
Nick: Nothing was normal during our crazy phase. (Laughs) There was no normality in any way. Relationships were impossible to stabilize especially with women as we were never in any one single place for very long.

How were your relationships with the members of NSync? Did you feel a little slighted when you essentially opened the doors for NSync and other boy bands to walk through?
Nick: We really had nothing against NSync or any other boy band. We were too busy doing our own bit to get involved with any other band.

What kind of sound will we here on the new album?
AJ: The album started out more R&B in February and now the whole album kind of took shape on a whole rock pop alternative sort of sound. I think this is the best work we've done yet.

What sort of family life do you guys lead? Do you guys out with each other all the time?
Nick: When it comes to how our lives have been changed, it shows in our music. Earlier, most of our energy was channeled in too many directions. But now, we've channeled our energies into one direction - making this record. When we took our break, we got our private lives on track and pretty much got a semblance of living a normal life. We've gotten a grip on our lives and now it's become much easier to balance the two.

You've been around for a decade now…which is like forever in this business. Has it changed much from back then?
Howie: Surely has. There are so many more musical styles, but that's the great thing about music. It keeps changing everyday. From the type of music, to the type of live shows, to our physical appearances, everything has evolved for us.

Any plans to tour India anytime soon? Your message to fans in India….
AJ: We've love to perform our songs for our fans in India. It's something we've been talking about for a long time. Thank you for your continued support, see you soon.

You can read the rest of our cover story on the Backstreet Boys in the May 2005 issue of The Record Music Magazine available at your local newsagent.

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