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The adoration, fame, women, riches, recognition, and the adrenaline of performing in front of 100,000 fans. Album sales: about a gazillion. Rocking the biggest stadiums in the world. This rock and roll band from Manchester, England is notable for their Beatlesque sound, no-holds-barred attitude. They speak their mind and the band is infamous for their behavior - on and off stage - including heavy drinking, drug abuse, and confrontations with other pop stars. Oasis is back with their sixth album - Don't Believe The Truth and we ask the band whether truth is really stranger than fiction…

So what's the new album all about?
Noel: I'm more proud of this one then of any album since Definitely Maybe. We stuck it out, we stuck to our guns and we pulled it off.

Liam: There's some out and out rock and roll songs on there. It's a good one… you know some nice little numbers there for the ladies too…(Laughs)

How difficult was it to get back into the studio? It's been a while…
Andy: We finished touring the last album in the beginning of 2003. We knew we were going to be having a year off but almost from that moment, there were demos knocking about…

Noel: There was never one point where any of us were worried… apart from Liam who's like a woman who's on a f****** permanent menstrual cycle all the time about everything. (Laughs again) He's either way up in the clouds or way down in the gutter. So taking him out of the equation, the rest of us knew it was going somewhere and we kind of had it all in our heads. It's like pulling a huge, big elastic band back. It went all the way back for three years and now we're ready to let go. We're getting back into the swing of things; it's been 'What? We've got to do a video on Friday? Whoa, whoa!'

Liam: We don't fake it. It is what it is.

Any pivotal moments long time fans can look forward to?
Andy: (The track) The Meaning Of Soul. It's…to me it's like Elvis in Sun Studios and it's just like right in your face. It's also like Liam after five brandies, you know. Which I've got first hand experience. (Laughs)

Noel: I love it, f***** love it.

Your personal favourites on Don't Believe The Truth?
Andy: My favourite lyrics on the album have always been A Bell Will Ring. I think it's an unbelievably positive lyric and it's a real typical Gem philosophy. (Laughs)

Liam: Let There Be Love is a classic, I love that.

Noel: (Laughs) I had my arm twisted by Dave Sardy, Liam and our manager about Let There Be Love. I was like - can we not for once put an album out without the flag-waver on? It's supposed to be more of a sigh more than a f***** roar, you know…(Laughs again)

Which, do you feel, is going to be the next big hit?
Noel: Turn Up The Sun. From the first time I heard it, it was always going to be the opening track and it was originally going to be the title of the album. I just thought it was a brilliant, brilliant title.

Andy: Let There Be Love is a tune that you could make so big and it would, I don't know, become maybe a bit too predictable. Also when I first heard Love Like a Bomb, I thought single, you know straight away…

Liam: (Laughs) I don't like that f***** thing. I wrote it a couple of years ago actually; I just wanted it sort of to be a bit Elvis. It's sort of like about a woman or women in general.

Andy: It's still brilliant you know. Love Like a Bomb… great idea for a song. (Laughs)

You can read the rest of our feature on Oasis in the May 2005 issue of The Record Music Magazine available at your local newsagent.

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