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Rock 2005 - Various Artists - Universal Music If you're going to buy a sturdy compilation of hits from the recent rock scene, this probably is the one album to get. From back in the early 1960s, before CDs were even invented, compilations like these were around featuring the current rock scene with a trendy-looking glitzy cover on two big shiny vinyl records. In 2005, this one is a far cry from its record turning ancestor, but the ideas and sensibility is exactly the same.

This installment includes a decently good selection of 18 tracks, with big hits from Grammy winners U2 (Vertigo) and Hoobastank (Disappear), to name but two. Other pop favourites include Maroon 5 (This Love), The Rasmus (Guilty) – while on an indie guitar note, there's the giant I Miss You by Blink 182 and The Dolphin’s Cry by Live. And head bangers need not despair - from the heavy metal camp there's some Marilyn Manson (Personal Jesus) and Limp Bizkit with their Behind Blue Eyes. And as ever there are bizarre inclusions: it's hard to imagine anyone listening to the likes of Puddle of Mudd or Snow Patrol - then getting deep down and heavy with The Killers or Queens of the Stone Age.

Still, at the end of the day, diversity is the nature of this beast. If your music collection is short of a few recent hits, or if you like to keep a back-catalogue of popular tunes, Rock 2005 is definitely for you. This is good, but starts to drag towards the end of the compilation. You have been warned.

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