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Daddy Yankee
‘Are you ready?!!’ asks reggaeton master Daddy Yankee in Rompe, his follow-up video to the scorching summer hit Gasolina. Let’s see, he returns with a video that delivers another shot of pure sonic energy, hot girls and some of Yankee’s own irresistible charm ~ of course everyone’s ready!

Says the singer, “We shot the video in LA, with directors Jesse Terrero and Carlos Perez. Carlos had been my creative director since day one. He made the Gasolina video and he knows what I’m looking for every time I’m making a video. I told them the ideas and they put it out in the video.” Daddy Yankee proves that he knows what keeps the guys smiling ~ the video features numerous girls and cars just like in Gasolina. This time, some of the girls are even on the cars. For Rompe, the setting is a used car junkyard that comes alive with the sounds of Puerto Rico’s reggaeton beats.

As the beats come at you, people step out from inside old cars, girls intent on destruction wield baseball bats on any junk that they want out of the way, Daddy Yankee raps amidst it all until an exploding car takes the action to a night scene where the party is still alive. Everyone now does their thing on a dance floor area marked off by old tyres and, just to add that extra edge, there’s even a guy wearing a cotton-candy-like rainbow wig. Thankfully he stays away from the fire in all the scenes.

If Rompe looks like one big party then that’s because it is intended to be that way. Explains Daddy Yankee, “Rompe is motivational music. When you press ‘play’ you’re going to dance to it. The video is crazy! We brought different styles of dancing from the streets ~ I brought reggaeton dancers, I brought the Rock Steady crew from New York and I brought Krump dancers from the Westside. The message is clear ~ it’s about unifying cultures. That’s what I’m doing in the video. It has a lot of culture right there. I was thinking beyond music for the video. I was thinking, ‘Reggaeton is for the masses’ ~ it’s to share out there. That’s what I’m doing with my music. And that’s what Rompe is all about.”

You can read the rest of our feature on Daddy Yankee in the May 2006 issue of The Record Music Magazine available at your local newsagent.


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