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Agony Aunty: Love, Life And Lola
I have a love problem. It’s that I love a girl named Gyatry, but I don’t actually know how to say romantic things, so we broke up but I still like her. I don’t know if she will like me again, although we smile at each other when we meet in school. Please help me!
Snick, 14, Nagaland

Dear Snick,
Since you are a teen I will give u three pieces of advice:
Ek: Did u know that ‘smiles” is the longest word in the English language, because there is a mile between the two s’s?
Do: You are a mile off if you think she likes you because she smiles. Relationships don’t survive on smiles.
Teen: Instead of asking me, why don’t you just ask Gyatri if she likes you?!
PS: If a smile doesn’t work, maybe a snick-er will!

Help, I have a big crush on my teacher! I have just finished my 10th standard exams, and now I will never see her again as I will go to college in another city. She has always been very sweet and kind to me, and she is the prettiest girl I have ever seen. I will never forget her, but I am sure she will forget me. I want to tell her she is special to me but I am scared she will laugh at me. What should I do?
Ajay, 16, Bangalore

Dear Studious in Love,
I hope you will pass your board exams because without a good education you are nothing. Although love is forever, crush is just mush. So please be hush hush about it. And remember, it is very disrespectful to refer to your teacher as a “pretty girl”. She is a “pretty woman”. Show your rightful respect and respectful admiration on Sept 14th, the esteemed Dr. Radhakrishna’s birthday, also known as Teachers’ Day.

I have just finished my 11th standard and will be working at my first job this summer as a trainee in an advertising agency. I am very nervous about how to behave, how to dress, what to do etc. I hope it goes well because I would like to do advertising after I graduate. Can you give me some tips on how to handle my first job?
Richa, 17, Mumbai

Dear Shy Summer Trainee,
Although class 11 is senior in school, you are still junior in the big bad world…of advertising. Let your youthful exuberance guide you. Let your passion be your pilot. This is not your first job. This is your summer training. Enjoy yourself because next year there will only be board-dom!

You can read the rest of our regular feature Agony Aunty in the May 2006 issue of The Record Music Magazine available at your local newsagent.


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