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DJ Speak: DJ Skazi
A sunny Sunday afternoon lent the perfect vibe to the gig where renowned trance DJ Skazi was all set to enthrall Mumbaiís party crowd. ĎI LOVE his music,í said more than one excited fan to us and itís easy to see why. The Israeli spinner has played over 1,000 parties in the last six years, garnering praise for his innovative twist to trance music with live guitar riffs and punk grooves. The Record spoke exclusively to Skazi before the gig about making music, performing live and yes, even an insight into DJ fashion.

The Record: How does it feel to be here in India?
DJ Skazi: Itís great, this looks like a friendly party. Itís a good setting, a nice afternoon partyÖ I played for the first time in Delhi last night, but Iíve already been to Bombay three times before this.

TR: What were you doing before you became a DJ?
DJ Skazi: I was making punk music for about 7 to 8 years. Then I began to produce trance with elements of rock and now Iím doing this!

TR: Which of your albums is most precious to you?
DJ Skazi: My precious recordÖthat would be one I finished just now. Always the last one is the most precious. [Laughs] So the album called Total Anarchy is the best for me.

TR: Which is your most prized record?
DJ Skazi: System Of A Down! I never go out without their music. I met the band in Amsterdam recently.

TR: Good guys?
DJ Skazi: Killer guys! Very simple, like me. [Laughs]

TR: Where do you source your music from?
DJ Skazi: I produce all the music that I play. The music I listen to, I buy from record stores.

TR: Where do you make your music?
DJ Skazi: I produce in my studio in Tel Aviv. I was producing with a Japanese rock band in Japan recently in a studio that even in my dreams I couldnít imagine! It was just amazing.

TR: What is the longest set youíve ever played?
DJ Skazi: Yesterday in Delhi ~ seven and a half hours! I never play like this. Maximum I play for two and a half hours or so, when Iím playing with live bands. So a record was set yesterday in Delhi. I donít know why I didnít stop. [Laughs] Today I have to stop because theyíre going to shut the party at a certain time.

TR: What is the craziest thing youíve seen in the crowd from on stage?
DJ Skazi: I donít see anything crazy. I just see people that give me the power to do what I do, thatís all. The crowd is my gasoline. Itís my drive, my energy, my drug. I donít do drugs, I donít smoke cigarettes, I donít do nothing. I take my energy from the people.

You can read the rest of our feature on DJ Skazi in the May 2006 issue of The Record Music Magazine available at your local newsagent.


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