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Channel V's Get Gorgeous Winners
Channel [v] recently wrapped up the third season of Get Gorgeous, a talent hunt and reality show for aspiring models from across the country. Emerging as winners from the 15 finalists were 21-year-old Meenal Thakur from Mumbai and 23-year-old Anurita Jha from New Delhi who won a yearlong contract with Matrix Model Management and Channel [v]. We caught up with the newest models on the block shortly after their win to find out if they’re ready for the glamour ahead.

Meenal Thakur already had one foot in the door, having modelled for FedEx and Shopper’s Stop. The economics graduate was working in advertising before modelling beckoned, and now there’s no looking back.

The Record: Why did you enter Get Gorgeous and not try to enter the profession some other way?
Meenal: When you enter the modelling world, you don’t have any platform to showcase your talent. You start your career shooting a portfolio and going for auditionsI thought contests give you a nice platform to showcase your talent in the right way and show people what you are.

TR: What do you think of having the competition as a reality show?
Meenal: I think they wanted to show the reality of how girls go there, how they get trained with panellists…they captured everything and tried to make a show with which people will come to know that modelling is not so easy.

For Anurita Jha, modelling was second nature. This young student understands the business, having previously completed fashion designing courses. She’s still studying for her bachelor’s degree in Delhi, but life is now a lot more exciting for the girl who’s modelled for Fab India, Honda and Safi.

The Record: Why did you enter Get Gorgeous and not try to enter the profession some other way?
Anurita: Get Gorgeous is a very good platform because the last year’s winners are really doing well. I thought I’d give it a try. If I got something then good enough, otherwise I would have continued doing the same thing in Delhi.

TR: What do you think of having the competition as a reality show?
Anurita: Reality shows are good for the models because we get lots of mileage. Lots of people know us now; they recognize us because of the show. It’s good enough for us.

TR: What was the experience like in the competition?
Anurita: It was great. There was lots of fun and lots of competition. More than the happiness of not getting eliminated, there was a fear of getting eliminated every second day. But we also learned a lot ~ listen to the candidates and people who are there to train you. Whatever they teach you, just grab it and swallow and always be disciplined,

You can read the rest of our feature on Channel V's Get Gorgeous winners in the May 2006 issue of The Record Music Magazine available at your local newsagent.


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