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Rockin' India: Agnee
The Buzz:
It’s the reincarnated version of the old band Agni, with a new line-up (except for the guitarist) and new sound. The band bounces back with their debut album titled Agnee. The band was formed a year ago and their immediate objective was to record an album. After approaching a couple of big record labels, the band was signed on by Sony BMG. They confess having had to compromise on certain aspects of their sound. The band consists of Mohan, Koko and Arijit who come from different musical backgrounds, which has given the band a very wide palette to experiment with. This band, unlike the old Agni, sings in Hindi.

The Highlights:
• They’ve been signed on by Sony BMG.

• Their debut album Agnee was launched in May.

• They have composed for Prakash Jha’s new film.

• Individually, the guys have played a number of gigs all over the country.

• The old band Agni has played at I-Rock, Mood Indigo and other popular rock festivals.

• The vocalist Mohan, who has a classical music background, has won the prestigious Palghat Mani Iyer award and has been awarded the Best Mridangam Player Of The Year three times in a row at Chennai Music Fest, which is a huge festival that takes place every year.

• Arijit has composed music for films such as Chowki, which is yet to be released, and also composes jingles for ads.

The Record Q & A (The questions are answered by Mohan, who is the vocalist of the band)
The Record: How did the band come together?
Agnee: There were a few funny incidents that happened. Koko and I met at a friend’s wedding. Koko was providing the sound and light professionally for the event. We got introduced but we didn’t really keep in touch, and then bumped into each other at a jam session. We got to know each other better and completely bonded over this one tune. A year later Arijit joined and we totally hit it off over the same tune.

TR: What is the story behind the name of your band?
Agnee: We just thought we would stick with the old name because it had a good ring to it. We just changed the spelling.

TR: Tell us about each member of the band, their musical background and personality.
Agnee consists of:

Koko: He is a big guy, some 6 feet tall and weighs around 91 kg after losing a lot of weight. He has a handle bar moustache. There are strange rumours about political parties wanting to hire him because of his built, though he’s completely harmless. No one is ever supposed to wake him up from his sleep because he gets violent. He has to go to this place Vaishali, which is close by, to have his coffee ~ exactly 16 minutes after he wakes up.

Arijit, bass and vocals: He is the chocolate boy in the band. After a gig we have all the guys coming up to me and Koko and telling us how good we were and all the girls flock to Arijit. Koko and I don’t really appreciate it, but can’t help it. He eats chilly chicken everywhere he goes, be it a Goan restaurant or a Maharashtrian eating joint.

Mohan, vocalist (Koko answers for Mohan): Mohan is the banker type, very prim and proper. He’s into solving puzzles ~ you will see him carrying a laptop all the time ~ and is always multi tasking. With his IIM background, he is also good at PR.

You can read the rest of our feature Rockin' India: Agnee in the May 2007 issue of The Record Music Magazine available at your local newsagent.


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