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DJ Speak: DJ Notorious
On a regular party night, while clubbers live it up on the dance floor, the DJ does his thing and is heard, but hardly noticed. At a gig where DJ Notorious is behind the console, this might be a little hard to do. DJ Notorious dishes about his cool trick deejaying moves, his new album and more.

The Record: You have a new album out – tell us about it.
DJ Notorious: It is a remix album and one of the songs featured is the Angaar theme based on the famous flute piece from the 1992 film Angar. On all the tracks I have reworked the music and it features more instrumental tracks with very few vocals. It’s an interesting project. Of late, DJs have been receiving a lot of flack from people who say that they take old songs and ruin them with their remixes. So what I wanted is to do was something different. I enjoyed working on it and the album is not just for the Indian market. It is already playing on radio stations in Europe, in places like Sweden and Germany, and also in Dubai. We also have an offer to include a song in an international compilation album as well so that should be great.

When did you start DJing?
DJ Notorious: I began about six years ago in the UK. I was studying sound recording in Sheffield and I lived in Manchester at the time. I used to go out with my friends to the clubs fairly often and one evening a promoter gave me the opportunity to spin there. Then I remember one day I was watching a documentary on BBC 4 about the island of Ibiza which is the party capital of the world. The next day itself I booked my ticket, got my visa organised and in a few days my friend and I flew down to Ibiza for a week of partying. It was absolutely unbelievable! I don’t drink alcohol and I don’t smoke so music was the only the thing that I was into. It was a great experience. There would be one DJ playing to huge crowds of over 10,000 people. I was watching a DJ at this club called Privilege and at one point he just raised his hands and 12,000 people, all together did the same thing! That was amazing to me, to see that one man can control so many emotions.

TR: Your press release says you favour ‘trick deejaying’ – tells us more about that.
DJ Notorious: Well, there’s stretch DJing where you use vinyls, samples, scratches and things to make different sounds. Then there is trick DJing which quite simply involves doing tricks while you play on the turntables. So I scratch the records with a stick, I put them on fire…

TR: The records are actually on fire while you play?
DJ Notorious: Yes! Only the centre portion of course, but yes that’s one of the things I‘ve done. There’s loads of stuff you can do, and people like it because there is a visual appeal to trick DJing that is a lot of fun. People really get into checking it out.

TR: Having spent time in the UK where there is a strong clubbing scene, what is your take on the scene in India?
DJ Notorious: It has opened up a lot in the last three or four years. A lot of new clubs have opened, and also, interestingly, new cities have started partying. The metros like Bombay for example, are of course into it, but I’ve noticed that smaller cities like Nagpur, Indore, Ahmedabad, Baroda and places like that now have a big party culture. TV has opened up and provides so much exposure to music, salaries have gone up and people want to party after work. The whole country is partying at the moment! [Laughs]

You can read the rest of our feature DJ Speak: DJ Notorious in the May 2007 issue of The Record Music Magazine available at your local newsagent.


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