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Good Charlotte
When done right, a little electronica never hurt a rock band; just ask Good Charlotte. They returned earlier this year with the single Keep Your Hands Off My Girl ~ a track that you can imagine being right at home both in an arena or a nightclub, the darker the better. The track kicks things off for their fourth release titled Good Morning Revival and here we have the band taking you inside some of the key tracks on the album.

We really loved the club vibe of it…

Paul Thomas: “That was one of the first songs Joel and Benji [Madden] came up with when they went away to Canada to write. [Billy and I] are stay-at-home musician types and we’re not into the whole nightlife thing that Joel and Benji seem to devour, but we both really loved the club vibe of it. We love electronic music. And when they came to us with stripped down songs with bass and drums and keyboards, we added the heavy guitars to it. It’s such a powerful song, so I really think it deserves to open the record. And that was one of the songs that we played on our club tour last fall and knowing that we could play it and pull it off live made us all so happy.”

Dance Floor Anthem
The media likes to play us as a punk band but we’re so much more than that...
Billy Martin: “It’s probably my favourite song on the record. It’s real fuzzy, but vocally it’s got this straight up Good Charlotte super chorus. It was cool because it’s different. I’m really not much of a punk fan, I never really have been. And people ask me all day long who my favourite punk band is, and I never know what to say. It was cool to put all those keyboards on the record. I know the media likes to play us as a punk band, but we’re so much more than that. And I think this song, and this record as a whole really shows that we can go in any direction.”

Paul: “Lyrically this goes in a different direction for the band. It’s not real angst driven. It’s not from the ‘I hate my father’ mentality or the ‘Where do I fit in society?’ mentality. It’s not the typical stuff we’ve been known for. And that alone makes it unique, coupled with the electronic element that gives it such a fresh vibe. Hopefully it will get played in the clubs. I’d be psyched if we could have a crossover like that.”

Keep Your Hands Off My Girl
People will never know that’s a Good Charlotte song...
Joel Madden: “When I DJ, I get attitude thrown at me all the time. [This song is] mirroring that. Like, some guy gets upset because his girlfriend said ‘Hi’ to me. Meanwhile, I’m like, ‘I don’t even remember who she was.’ And there’s the other guy, who’s like, ‘Why are you playing N.W.A.? Play some Daft Punk!’ And it’s all this attitude from people you don’t even know. But they seem to know so much about you already. It’s just annoying. I’m not complaining about [fame] but I had to do something to get it off of my chest, so I wrote that song.

Billy: “It’s almost a rap song. Honestly, the first time I heard it, I was like, ‘Are you kidding me? People will never know that’s a Good Charlotte song.” And then Joel’s like, “Well, that’s the point.”

You can read the rest of our feature on Good Charlotte in the May 2007 issue of The Record Music Magazine available at your local newsagent.


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