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It’s been over a year since bassist Brian Marshall received a call from Mark Tremonti as an invitation to join one of the biggest projects in his life as yet. The rest is a part of history, which we know today as Alter Bridge. Here is Brian in an exclusive conversation with The Record.

The Record: How’s Alter Bridge doing? How was the last gig?
Brian Marshall: We’re doing great, thanks. Our last gig was in Seattle, Washington. It was awesome.

TR: You might’ve answered this for a thousand times now, but why did Creed split?
BM: Creed separated because the singer and the other members of the band grew apart. They had different outlooks on life and even on the future of the band. And I think that the other guys from the band thought that they had to compromise a lot due to Scott Stapp. So the inevitable happened. You want to keep doing what you love to do but if somebody’s holding you back from doing that and pursuing that goal then something’s gonna happen. So we all decided to get back together and do what we love to do with someone who shares the liking and the same dreams.

TR: How is it like working with Myles (the new vocalist)?
BM: Myles is great. He’s got a really levelled head on his shoulders. He’s humble about what he does. He’s passionate and he’s got a great personality, you know, these things add up when you are out on the road, and it’s very important that our personalities mash in and he’s a great addition to the band. It’s very refreshing.

TR: Have you worked with two guitarists earlier as well?
BM: Actually, we only really work with two guitarists on stage. As far as the recording process is concerned, Myles is a great guitarist, but Mark is the main songwriter behind the band and it doesn’t really call for two guitarists. But when Mark is solo-ing and when it does call for it, then, it’s interesting. We share the stage and we share the melody. It’s really unique.

TR: Describe Alter Bridge’s music…
BM: In my words, Alter Bridge emphasizes on melody. We’re all striving to be better musicians, and as we grow up, we get to know what’s better for our own songs.

TR: What’s the key difference between Alter Bridge’s music and Creed’s?
BM: The key difference is gonna be Myles, definitely. And also as a band the whole process is different, its more democratic and more of, you know, old friends coming together. It’s more fun this time around. We’re enjoying what we’re doing.

TR: Which is your favourite track from the album?
BM: One Day Remains

TR: So Alter Bridge isn’t as spiritual as Creed was? Lyrically?
BM: That’s correct.

TR: Any plans for the second album?
BM: Yes. When we originally started writing for the album, we wrote something like 27 songs and picked 15 for this album. And there’s even the new stuff that we’re coming up with. So in the next eighteen months we should look at some studio time again.

TR: Even Creed was under the Wind Up label, so why didn’t Alter Bridge opt for anyone else?
BM: Well, you know Wind Up has always been there and we grew up together. So once we decided to go ahead with this project it was only obvious that we stick around. They’ve helped us grow and vice-versa for the part of the label. So, it’s a family thing.

You can read the rest of our exclusive with Alterbridge in the November 2004 issue of The Record Music Magazine available at your local newsagent.

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