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Almost fifteen years after their first Latvian release, BrainStorm has finally stepped on Indian grounds and released a beautiful album: Online. The Record caught up with Reynard, the voice of BrainStorm, who gave a message between the lines: Whenís it simple, itís different. ĎItís kind of, like Travis,í one might say after listening the first song It Is Easy on Online. The voice might sound something like David Usherís (vocalist of Moist). Yet, BrainStorm is different! BrainStorm is simple.

The Record: Hi Reynard, thanks for chatting with The Record. How are you doing?
Reynard Cowper: Absolutely good, thank you.

TR: Tell us about your music. What should the Indian audience expect?
RC: I believe they can expect some melodious pop/rock. I donít think weíre playing towards any special message. I think itís just some melodious music with a positive attitude.

TR: Another band from Russia by the name of t.A.T.u was released in India. Is you music something like t.A.T.uís?
RC: No. Itís different, quite different.

TR: Why did you guys name yourself as BrainStorm?
RC: We came up with this name some thirteen years ago. It was during one of our earliest concerts. An aunt of our drummer came to one of our concerts and said, ďThis music is quite interesting. Iíd say itís a kind of a Ďbrain stormí.Ē And then we thought, ĎOh, that is not a bad title for a band name.í And yeah, thatís how BrainStorm happened.

TR: So, had you guys thought of any other name besides BrainStorm? RC: Ah, there was quite a funny one. It was BAGIL5, which meant Best American Guys In Latvia (Laughs). But why it was, nobody knows.

TR: Now your album, Online is released in India. For the first time your music is released in India. How do you feel about that?
RC: I feel very amazed, lets say, because itís interesting that your music goes before you go. Because I have never been to India, and I know that my friends have never been to India. So itís actually very amazing. And I can imagine that, say for example, a father or a mother or a brother or a sister in India comes home with the Online album and says, ďOh, I like Maybe.Ē Or ďI like Waterfall.Ē Itís quite unbelievable. I mean we were very surprised when our record company said that Online will be released in India. We came up with Online some three to four years ago. And finally the music has gone to India. Thatís great (laughs).

TR: Yeah, we at The Record have heard the Online album, and weíre sure itíll do good in India.
RC: You think so? Thatís wonderful.

TR: So tell us about the Online album.
RC: Well the title of the album already tells you that...the message is that thereís too much communication already on the little green world. There are computers and mobile phones and emails and weíre contacting through them, but we hardly meet or see our friends personally. So that was the idea: to make it more human. It was an attempt to do a nice, melodious, naive (in a way) album, which is about people. Which is about communication. Like there is this song Hide On The Moon, and thereís a sentence, which says, Ēsometimes thereís too much informationĒ. And in a way, thatís what this album is all about.

TR: What were you guys thinking of when you wrote, Space Detective Story or The Kitten Who Didnít Want To Give Up?
RC: I donít know. I mean when we start a song, we do the rehearsals in the beginning. During the rehearsals, you sing something like LA-LA-LA-LU-LU-LU to sing over and make the melody. Then suddenly, one word comes to your mind. And then you start using this word and out of this one word, you make a story. And sometimes it just happens, Iíd say, for example for this song called Maybe, I didnít have any idea about the song. I was just sitting in front of the computer and in fifteen minutes I wrote the song. And for Space Detective Story I remember I was in a studio somewhere in Denmark. And I was just sitting and listening to some music and I came up with these strange words of Space Detective Story.

You can read the rest of our exclusive with Brainstorm in the November 2004 issue of The Record Music Magazine available at your local newsagent.

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