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C21 - Listen - EMI Music Meet Denmark’s latest musical import - C21. They’re a bunch of supposedly smart looking boys, singing pop songs aimed at 11-19 year old girls. Sound familiar, doesn’t it? Where once they might have stood out from their British pop contenders Blue, now they fit in perfectly with the rest of those boys.

For it’s just another ballad album and finds a way to be even more boring then the last release. This is music too scared to offend anyone or anything. There's barely even an adjective in the song titles. For on Listen – their latest effort - C21 treat their public like kids, which, admittedly, most of them are. This album may not actually be the best thing you'll hear all year, but doubtless it will be a hit with the younger crowd. After acts like Aqua, Michael Learns To Rock and Safri Duo - C21 is yet another Danish band that’s got a fan following building up here in India. Inheriting the fans jumping off the Backstreet Boys and N’Sync ship, this is the type of safe boy band that girls love to sing along to. The album has 15 mediocre songs, making it difficult to find one that actually stands out. Given the current state of teeny pop music, this is not a good thing. Even if they approach a level of maturity that few suspect they would reach, the prospects of C21 being more than just another boy band seem doubtful at this moment. Just don't expect serious music lovers to respect them for the music they make, no matter how much they deserve that respect.

Highly recommended for 9 to 19 year old Backstreet Boys, N’Sync and Westlife fans. You’re still going to buy this whatever I say…so go ahead and have a good time. This will get that all night girls slumber party going!

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