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Destiny's Child
When ‘independent women’ Beyonce Knowles, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams decided, in 2001, to take a break from being part of the mega-successful Destiny’s Child, it seemed like a natural end to the group. Even though they promised they would return with more Destiny’s Child albums, the solo projects that followed and the success they brought for the girls implied that there really was no need for them to get back together.

But the trio have indeed returned, and as their first single Lose Your Breath proves, they’re still unstoppable. The Record gets an exclusive transcript with Destiny’s Child where they talk about appreciating each other’s solo projects, their excitement at being back together and how their new album, Destiny Fulfilled, is a ‘how to keep’ manual for women!

The Record: Tell us about the new album Destiny Fulfilled.
Michelle: The album will be out in November. We worked with a lot of producers. We have 9th Wonder, Rockwilder, Mario Winans, Rodney Jerkins, and Erron Williams. Sean Garrett was one of our key writers.
Beyonce: I think this album is so amazing because we have more to write about, now that we are older and have experienced a little bit of life.

TR: What was it like working in the studio together again?
Kelly: It felt wonderful…I think first of course, we spent three days just talking, just chatting away, catching up. Thinking about different concepts for the record. It was just beautiful to watch the album come to life. I remember it wasn’t until about like two or three weeks ago that the actual sequence of the record was made up. And B (Beyonce) started thinking of everything conceptual, you know like, ‘it should tell a story, it should do this…’ She is always one step ahead, always thinking creatively to always make us be trendsetters. I think that is a great thing.

TR: Tell us the story behind the album.
Beyonce: The story of the album starts off with the single Lose My Breath. And basically that song talks about a man that you meet, who is basically telling you ‘I can fulfill you’…
Kelly: …rock your world!
Beyonce: …and he doesn’t. So you tell him, I need a Soldier. And it goes to all the type of qualities we like in men, and we want in our man. And we find that soldier and so want to cater to him. And Cater 2 U I think is going to be a surprise to a lot of people because we have always been so strong and independent. But I think we’ve all realized that after you get that strength and that independence you need someone to share that with and when they are soldiers and when they do provide for you and when they are the right man then you should cater to them. Then it goes into the song T-Shirt, which is a very sensual song. But it talks about you being away from your man. And while he is away, you ask, ‘Is she the reason?’ You get these feelings that he is with this other lady.
Then it goes to Kelly, saying that she needs to break away from this guy, break this Bad Habit. Then it goes into Girl, which is one of my favorite songs because it is from three different points of view. Instead of, you know, the traditional songwriting with all of the verses being the same point of view. We are literally talking to each other. It is about friendship. And we’re talking about our girl and how we see her crying from this guy and then it goes into Free, with her finding the independence within herself.
It goes to If, which talks about ‘If I don’t call you like I used to, it’s because I’m free’. Then it goes to Through With Love, which talks about, you know, ‘I’ve been through all this stuff and I am just through with it’. And at the end of the song she finds the love that she always had in God and in herself and at the end, the song is called Love. And it’s about love that she finds with this guy after she finds the love within herself.

TR: Describe the conversations that inspired the album.
Beyonce: We basically would just talk about relationships, even friendships that we had experienced with other people. ‘Why is it that when a man does this and that and you feel like this and that?’
Kelly: Or your personal struggles as well.
Beyonce: Right, just all the things that we learned. And just the confidence and the feeling of finally being comfortable with yourself and finally feeling free. Because I know a lot of times women they give so much to other people and you finally get to a point where you say ‘You know what, I am taking care of myself.’ So, all of those different songs literally came from all of our conversations.

You can read the rest of our feature on Destiny's Child in the November 2004 issue of The Record Music Magazine available at your local newsagent.

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