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Ronn Moss
Its pretty much impossible to get a room full of journalists buzzing with excitement. That too on a sunny Saturday afternoon when they would rather lounge by the poolside of a five star hotel than interview a star theyve been invited to meet.

When one of the most iconic faces of daytime television is the star in question, however, it is a different story. The din of the assembled journalists, cameramen and various other media persons has driven most of the hotel customers out of the sun-lit lounge area. Those that remain are in full form. In one corner a young girl in her early twenties is checking to make sure her shirt looks neat while her slightly bewildered boyfriend looks on. At a table for three, a reporter from a recently launched daily plays chaperone to two old Parsi ladies who state how delighted they are to be there. A harried looking PR executive is listening to a TV journalist rave about how the star made her feel like she was the only woman in the room during their interview. As for me, I am sitting on a couch with Ronn Moss a.k.a. Ridge Forrester.

Moss has been a fixture on our television screens ever since we joined the cable television bandwagon in the early 90s. Like it or hate it, everyone knows him as Ridge Forrester, original cast member of the long-running king of soaps, The Bold And The Beautiful. At the moment, Moss, of the chiseled jaw and piercing eyes, is in the country not in his capacity as Ridge Forrester, soap opera heartthrob, but as Ronn Moss, musician.

Surprised? Dont be. He may have achieved fame as an actor, but as he tells it, he was always a musician first. The music actually came before the acting. I had a rock band in the late 70s called Player that had a #1 record in the US with a song called Baby Come Back. The initial success was not enough to keep the band together and Moss decided to try and make it in another creative field. He recalls, I started taking acting lessons and going out on auditions. Eventually I just quit the band and decided I was going to try being an actor. I went from having something in the music to having absolutely nothing in the acting! [Laughs] I just worked my way up. I didnt have any connections at all. So I learned one step at a time. With the acting, Moss hit gold. He bagged the role of Ridge, the oldest son of the Forresters - the first family of fashion on a new show called The Bold And The Beautiful. Moss smiles, Its been 19 years [playing Ridge]. Just like that!

After the cameras stopped rolling on set, Moss and his Player band mate Peter Beckett would go off and play music gigs wherever they could. Says Moss, Then I started getting the idea that maybe I would try a solo project. And now you have the album Uncovered. Everything in this album is very personal to me. Its probably the most artistic music project Ive ever done and Im really proud of it.

You can read the rest of our feature on Ronn Moss in the November 2005 issue of The Record Music Magazine available at your local newsagent.


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