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Simple Plan
Their 2002 debut spawned the addictive punk-rock hit Addicted and this year sees the Canadian rockers return with a follow-up release. We spoke exclusively to guitarist Jeff Stinco to bring you five things that you must know about Simple Plan.

1. They just released a new album titled Still Not Getting Any…

We could make a lot of assumptions as to what this band is still not getting any of, but we decided to get the dope from Jeff himself. He laughs before explaining, “Well, we’re still not getting a lot of sleep because we work too much; we’re not getting a lot of time at home because we’re always on tour and we’re also still not getting a lot of great food on the road!” So there you have it! And if you were thinking of something more juicy, well, that’s your mind working overtime!

2. The new album reflects a diverse mix of their influences.

The band’s first appearance on the scene got them labelled a typical spiky haired, punk-rock outfit. With this second album, the boys prove that they can dish out a varied musical offering.
Says Jeff, “The new album is a mixture of old rock and roll, some punk influences…it’s very diverse and very hard rock actually. We’re influenced by bands like Guns N’ Roses for example on our song Me Against The World; then we have the track Untitled, which is very intimate and stripped down, and we have everything in between. What ties it all up is the desire to make music that’s melodic and lyrics that are very introspective and very much about our lives and people that surround us. So it seems that a lot of people are attracted to the music because of the sense of truth and honesty in the lyrics.”

3. They put their music behind a worthy cause.

Having captured the attention of thousands of teenagers with their music, the band realised they were in a position to possibly make a difference. They chose to do so through their song Untitled. Explains Jeff, “The song was inspired by an accident that happened to friends of ours. They decided to get behind the wheel of their car while being highly intoxicated. Drinking and driving is a very dangerous thing to do. In the case of our friend, the driver survived but his passenger ~ a very good friend of his ~ actually died. So that was a very sad story.”
The tragic tale inspired the video for the song, which portrayed how drinking and driving touches not just one person but even families and friends of the victims. Says Jeff, “It really has such a wide reach because everyone’s lives are tied up together. So the repercussions are huge. It’s a big video. It seems to have touched a lot of people. It seems to have hopefully made some people rethink their habits of taking the car after drinking and driving. If we could have made at least one person change their mind and not take their car out after drinking, well then we’ve succeeded that way.”

4. In the span of one year they played over 200 shows across 5 continents to support their debut album.

Jeff states clearly that there is no doubt that Simple Plan is a live band. Of their live show he says, “It’s a really big party! It’s meant to entertain people, make sure everyone forgets their problems for an hour, an hour and a half. A lot of energy, a lot of guys jumping around, a real rock show in the tradition of the big rock shows. That’s basically what it’s all about ~ a lot of fun and a lot of rock and roll.”

You can read the rest of our exclusive with Simple Plan in the November 2005 issue of The Record Music Magazine available at your local newsagent.


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