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New Artist Alert: Brick & Lace
These singer/songwriter sisters are all set to make it big with their distinctive dancehall-meets-R&B sound. This month in New Artist Alert meet Nyanda and Nailah Thourborne aka Brick & Lace, the first act to be signed to superstar Akon’s KonLive Records. We’ve heard their track Love Is Wicked and can confirm that it is one to watch out for. Here’s what you need to know about the duo.

They are the first act to be signed to superstar Akon’s new label…
When Grammy-winner Akon visited India earlier this year he told us to watch out for some great acts to come from his new record label. The first of these is dancehall/R&B duo Brick & Lace who will make their presence felt with their debut album Love is Wicked. The duo’s association with Akon was initially supposed to be a one-time arrangement, when he stepped in to produce a few songs for them. He was so impressed with their talent that he not only produced their tracks but also co-wrote with them and signed them to his own label. When Akon joined Gwen Stefani on her Sweet Escape tour, he brought the two girls in to open for them and kick started the buzz that has built around them since. Their album features production by biggies like Akon himself and the Black Eyed Peas’

They got their start as songwriters before making it as singers…
Before they were recording artists, the girls made a name for themselves as songwriters. They were signed by record executive Dallas Austin and have written for acts like Janet Jackson and Nicole Scherzinger. It was only logical that on their own album they would not sit back and let the record company hand them a list of songs to record. They co-wrote every song on their debut album and were involved in the creative process at each step.

They were raised in Jamaica and America…
Brick & Lace’s music reflects their Jamaican and American roots. Born to a Jamaican father and an American mother, they grew up listening to several genres of music including hip-hop, pop, R&B and reggae. When it came time to record their own debut album, the girls made sure that the music reflected aspects of both the cultures they grew up with. In addition, they have also worked with singer Obie Trice on a track called Jamaican Girl and other Jamaican artists like Beenie Man, Diana King and Lauryn Hill.

Their distinctive sound is making people take notice…
In an age of musical clutter, it is important to stand out and Brick & Lace have managed to do exactly that ~ because of their music. The combination of dancehall rhythms and R&B melodies makes for a potent mix and a good example is their single Love Is Wicked, currently on air. The girls say their sound comes from a mixture of their influences, which include the reggae genius of Bob Marley, vocal power of Whitney Houston and smooth sounds of R&B diva Mary J. Blige. Through it all, they say they vow to retain their Jamaican identity and have it reflect in the music.

You can read the rest of our feature New Artist Alert: Brick & Lace in the November 2007 issue of The Record Music Magazine available at your local newsagent.


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