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Kailash Kher
Kailash Kher is an artist that needs no introduction. Over the past few years he has connected with people across the length and breadth of the country through his songs of love and life. Here he is in a candid conversation about his latest hit album, his experiences while on tour and the philosophy that guides him as he travels on this incredible journey.

On The Feedback For His Latest Album Kailasa Jhoomo Re…
I’ve been reading some of the feedback on Orkut and YouTube and I have got the best compliments about Saiyyan there. You can really get a sense of their feelings about the album. The overall feedback is that Saiyyan is the kind of song that can make people believe in love, in reality, in purity and in spirituality; it is not just music to entertain. Music can really make you believe that we are part of this divine planet called Earth.

On His Favourite Live Performance Memories…
We travel a lot and people come and give us mind blowing compliments and there are lots of gestures of kindness. I remember one lady a few years ago in Atlanta who said to me ~ she was an elderly lady ~ and she said to me, “When you sing, I feel like it is God that sings.” I was so humbled and overwhelmed that I don’t even know what I should say about this.
Another memory I have is of Gurdas Maan. Everyone who loves music in India knows his incredible talent and his caliber. I attended an award function once in Jalandhar and someone came up to me and touched my feet and I looked to see who it was and I saw Gurdas Maan. When I saw him for the first time, I was stunned! He said to me, “When you sing, and you speak, when you give your thoughts to the world it touches those who listen. People don’t just surf channels and change them when you are on. People listen to your songs and your words.” He said this to me and I just thought “Oh my God, what is happening!” I was so nervous to be around him and I reached over to touch his feet, but he wouldn’t let me. He was really amazing and it is a memory that will stand out for me always.

On His Belief About Living A Balanced Life…
Sorrow and happiness are both part of life. I believe that if people, or the world, is giving me a lot of respect today, the same universe might give me bad times later. You have to be ready for that as well. The universe is like a flowing river and you are moving with it like a river. In some places, at some times in your life, you will touch purity, and at other times and other places you will touch dirt. It’s like the Ganga ~ people use Ganga jal as pure, holy water, but it is in the same Ganga that people will also wash their dirt as they bathe. The Ganga doesn’t get excited by those who worship her, but she also does not get annoyed with the people who are cleaning their dirt in her. She deals with both. This is the world. When you know it is both good and bad you live with balance. I am often asked in the media about what I will do if people don’t recognise me. And I don’t need to think about this; I am already aware of it. In my mind, as long as you are doing good work you will be recognised but if you stop doing it, people will turn to others. To give an analogy, everyone looks at a lightbulb that is shining. No one looks at one that is switched off and in the dark. And that’s how it is in life as well.

On His Lyrics And The Message In His Music…
I believe that music should not just be a tool for entertainment. Music reflects the inner feelings of a creative person. It is a form of God and of spirituality. It should do more than entertain, it should make people aware, make them feel what you are feeling. It should play a larger than life role. If it is only entertainment, you can sing, dance and do all kinds of things in a cheap way. But this cannot be an anthem for people. It is thought provoking songs that have always become songs of the people, the anthems of people. Meaningful and motivational songs always have a larger than life quality.

On The Demands Made As An Artist Across Formats…
Music is music no matter what form it is for and for me, feeling is everything. Whether I’m singing a jingle or a film song, or performing live, expression is very unique and important and this means an expression of what you are feeling.

You can read the rest of our feature Speakeasy: Kailash Kher in the November 2007 issue of The Record Music Magazine available at your local newsagent.


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