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Bryan Adams
Six years late, Bryan Adams has finally returned this month; with that brand new album he's been promising for years. And it's looking good! Titled Room Service the album was largely recorded in hotel rooms and backstage whilst on tour across Europe, over the past two years. Already in the top ten the world over- the first single Open Road is a throw back to the Bryan Adams of the old days and things are picking up. The Record Music Magazine was granted an all access pass into one of the world's biggest rock stars (courtesy his record label Universal Music in India)…and it doesn't get any bigger than this.

TR: So what's the new album all about?
Adams: Listening to the album, you wouldn't really know that the songs were recorded in hotel rooms because the sound quality's very good (Laughs)… But that's the marvel of digital technology. This album took a couple of years…and it was an amalgamation of a lot of different ideas. I only started to realise I had an album once I'd closed the door and started putting them altogether in some sort of sequence on a CD for myself to listen to. Up until that point I used to listen to songs individually and just think 'Oh that sounds quite good,' but the moment I made a CD for myself of everything, and then I knew I had a record in its infancy. (Laughs again)

TR: That must have been fun…and a new experience for you?
Adams: It was better than being in a studio, because studios are boring and the foods generally awful. (Laughs) The idea of working in hotel rooms was just the idea of trying to kill some time when I was on tour…because basically I'd get kinda bored sitting in hotels and I had a lot of different tours over the last two years. So during that time I brought my engineer out and we put a little studio together which fitted in 2 suitcases and literally we went from hotel to hotel as we did on tour…and just recorded in each of these pretty normal hotel rooms. Sometimes we'd have to move everything around in the hotel room though.

TR: The new album is called Room Service…?
Adams: Yeah. (Laughs)… Like I said….I'd built a little studio that fit into a couple of suitcases and we'd get a couple of hotel rooms, order room service and record. It is a really good way of using that time because if you think about it…if you're a musician on tour, the only time you're really being creative is the two hours on stage. The other 22 hours is either spent traveling or lounging about somewhere. I decided it was a great way to spend some time hence the album title…Room Service.

TR: The first single Open Road is already a big hit on the charts…was that the first song you recorded on the album?
Adams: Ironically what happens towards the end of putting an album together is you end up writing two or three songs, one of which ends up being the first song you release…and that's happened on this album. (Laughs) It happened on the film soundtrack. It happened on A Day Like Today. It happened on 18 Till I Die. It happened on Waking up the Neighbours. All of the first singles that were released were the last songs that were written for the album…

TR: It's been six years since we've seen a full length album from you. Why did it take so long?
Adams: Years went by in the 90s when I couldn't tell you where I was… (Laughs) I know I was out there somewhere but everything was a blur. If it wasn't for film documentation or the occasional photograph I could not tell you what I did… (Laughs again)

TR: The early 90s were crazy for you with the success of Everything I Do…did you ever expect the song to do as well as it did? I mean it's now in the Guinness Book of World Records for the longest ever UK number one!!
Adams: It was all a huge surprise…(Laughs) We never knew that song was going to be massive! I thought it was a sweet song but at one point we were talking about putting it out as a B-side, I swear! (Laughs again)

TR: You must be bored of performing it by now…
Adams: It's hard to get bored of it because people like it so much. (Laughs) There's always a good reaction…

TR: Cool…So any big ballads the fans can expect on your new CD?
Adams: I think this album's very indicative of the kind of style that I like to make a record in. For this album alone, I think I recorded 30 something songs, and then narrowed it down to 11 or 12. And yes, there are a couple of ballads on this one.

TR: There are quite a few rocking songs on Room Service as well….stuff you can just put in your car CD player and cruise down the city with. Did you plan it out that way?
Adams: It actually does sound great in the car, because a lot of the testing was done in a car! We would do a rough mix in the hotel and then my engineer would run off a CD and we'd get in the car and listen to it. See how it sounds with a bit of motorway going by. I've always thought the best way to listen to music was in the car. Or, of course, live…

You can read the rest of our cover story on Bryan Adams in the October 2004 issue of The Record Music Magazine available at your local newsagent.

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