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The Hives - Tyrannosaurus Hives - Universal A couple of years back their Veni Vidi Vicious release went gold thanks to the hit single Hate to Say I Told You So – and Swedish neo-punk quintet The Hives seemed to have arrived. On their latest effort Tyrannosaurus Hives, they once again employ all the standard tricks of teen pop–catchy, shoutalong choruses and goofy noms-de-pop in service of their highly commercial musical bird-flip. And let’s play the name that tune game – for if you know your rock music, you know where this band’s coming from.

The track Broken Bones brazenly cops the chord progression from the Monkees’ Stepping Stone – before we move onto A Little More For A Little You and its acid bubblegum chorus taken from a Sex Pistols 1970’s song. The Hives are a band I really want to hate. Not only have they been well over hyped by critics for two years now, but their whole attitude screams pretension. But when you get down to it, the music is what really matters. So while I’d like to despise their music as well, I can’t help but maybe like a few songs. The beats are reckless and you can dance to some of them; but with only 12 songs and a mere 30 minutes of play time – the albums too short to really enjoy.

I still don’t think they’re worthy of all the praise they’ve received, but like I said before, I do think some of their songs are worth a listen, even if the album on the whole is unimpressive. If these Swedish garage rockers named their newest release for the roar they were supposedly letting out – on that count the album is a failure. Not worth your lunch money.

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