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2 Unlimited - Greatest Hits - EMI Being an old 2 Unlimited fan and having their albums No Limits, Real Things, and a few singles way back when - I knew this would be an interesting album to get my hands on. Nearly everybody knows their songs, but they aren't played by the radio stations or MTV anymore. Listening to this stuff brought back a lot of memories from when I was a 12 year old kid and a little nostalgic thinking about those good old days before Mp3’s and computers. For back then 2 Unlimited were huge on the charts and the # 1 music export from the Netherlands. Probably one of the most recognized dance groups in the 90's, for those to young to remember - 2 Unlimited was an awesome techno/eurodance group that started up in 1991.

Their tracks like Tribal Dance and No Limit pervaded every corner of dance music of the era and much of the pop music of the early 90’s. Recently their inclusion as the theme of the X-Men motion picture didn't hurt either. This Greatest Hits compilation is about 10 years too late, but it pretty much covers everything the duo Anita and Ray did. For the new listener and the old one – tracks like Get Ready For This, Twilight Zone and Let The Beat Control Your Body may sound like euro-pop trash today, but ten years ago – this was the club scene! The songs went to number one in a lot of countries than people would like to admit, and gave a lot of the hardcore ravers trippy times. The raves and huge dance parties of the 1990’s changed the face of popular culture, as hundreds of thousands of youngsters enjoyed the illicit thrills of ecstacy, vast illegal "all-nighters" and of course the music of Culture Beat, Loverboy and 2 Unlimited.

So if you are curious about where popular dance and trance acts like the DJ Tiesto, the Vengaboys or Aqua sprang from – this is where it’s at. 2 Unlimited’s contribution to world-wide dance culture was big, and this new Greatest Hits seems to show us how. Good for a couple of spins at least, if you’re a regular clubber or into the trance scene.

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