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Vaishali Samant
‘Rapchik’ is how she describes one of her upcoming numbers and ‘Rapchik’ is how we describe her – youthful, gifted and very very Bambaiya! That’s Vaishali Samant for you. She created waves with Aika Dajiba and set the trend of Hindi-Marathi combo music with the help of Avadhoot Gupte. She went on to sing for films like Lagaan, Saathiya, Girlfriend and many more. And with her latest album Mera Dadla, she is ready with another doze of Marathi and Hindi lyrics combined with peppy music, hoping to duplicate the Aika Dajiba craze. Perfect time to pin her down for a small chat.

The Record: First things first, how did you get into this profession?
Vaishali Samant: I have been studying classical music since childhood. I started participating in various competitions in my college days. Gradually commercial offers started pouring in. I took my time to decide if I want to take it up professionally. I realized that I’m enjoying it a lot and if need be I can work 24 hours in this profession. I come from a typical Maharastrian family and no one is from the industry. But they were all very supportive and I just jumped into it. I was a little skeptical about how it will turn out but I was also prepared to work had and give it my best. To my good luck I got some very good offers, like singing for TV serials, cover versions and remixes. I sang for a Marathi serial Kovdi Mane, which was my first solo recording. Lavni on Fire made me famous in Maharashtrian circle.

TR: And how did Aika Dajiba happen?
VS: I was working with some really good music companies like Times Music and Venus. I had done remixes like Tu Tu Hai Wohi and Dilbar Dil Se Pyaare, which went very well with the audience. That’s when Sagarika Music said they would want to do an album with me. I took up the offer. When we started working we realized that at that time a lot of albums were not doing well. That was because there was no thought behind those albums. Those were not meant for the masses. By then Dhagala Lagli Kada had become a hit. So we decided to have Marathi-Hindi combo music. The rest of course is history.

TR: So, is Mera Dadla getting the same response that Aika Dajiba did?
VS: Wherever I have performed Mera Dadla I have got a similar response. But it’s too early to say. Besides Mera Dadla, another track from the album called Naqwa has been getting us a very good response too. It is a fundu catchy number. But my favourite remains Sagar Ki Lehre which is a nice soft number. I have also composed a song called Sapno Ka Bangla. And before you ask me if I am getting into composing let me tell you no, I want to remain a singer. This song just came to me so I did it.

TR: What do you mean by ‘Mera Dadla’?
VS: (Laughs) Dadla means husband and Kambharin means wife. So it means, ‘make me your wife and become my husband and I will show you what is life’.

TR: And these songs are original?
VS: Of course! All songs in Mera Dadla and even Aika Dajiba. I don’t know why people think my songs are remixes. May be because I have sung so many remixes.

TR: You have cut your albums, sung jingles and are also a playback singer. Which one do you enjoy the most?
VS: Each and very field has its own demand and rules. In playback singing, the song is already designed. In jingles you have to sell a product. So your thought process changes with every medium. In albums, you get a lot of freedom. When you cut an album, you are at the center. You do what you think you can do best. You get a lot of scope for experimentation. So of course, for any singer cutting your own album is a big high. But to be able to do everything is a challenge. A good singer does whatever he is asked to.

You can read the rest of our feature on Vaishali Samant in the October 2004 issue of The Record Music Magazine available at your local newsagent.

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