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Bappi Lahiri
Hailed as the Godfather of Disco in India, Bappi Lahiri has composed over 3,550 songs for over 500 films. Now Channel [v] is giving you a chance to show off your vocal talents and land a track on Bappida's brand new album through a super new show called [v] Mobile Singer! The Record met up with the legend to get the lowdown.

The Record: How does it feel to be part of [v] Mobile Singer?
Bappi Lahiri: It is a fantastic idea and a wonderful platform for new talent. The concept is completely new and hasn't been done before in the whole world! It is an original concept. Also, the ease of use for participants is excellent. It is a great opportunity for new singers. Channel [v] has done Popstars and Super Singer and I feel this will be a big hungama!

TR: Contestants will have to sing some of your biggest hits. Give us some insight into some of those songs.
BL: Well, Pag Ghunghroo Bandhe is a 12 minute song. One superstar Kishore Kumar - sang it and it was picturised on Mr. Amitabh Bachchan. It was recorded in 1982 within five days! We used an all-live orchestra, no computers. [Sings a line of the song] I had given it a fusion sound. I remember, I sang one part of it to Kishore Kumarji and he said 'No I cannot sing this!' [Laughs] He said it was too difficult. The song was so enjoyable to compose and then when I watched the picturisation in the theatre, it was a great feeling! It will always remain a memorable song in Bollywood.

TR: Tell us about Raat Baaki.
BL: I sang it myself with Asha [Bhosle]ji and it was picturised on Shashi Kapoor. At that time I was so young and I had to match Shashiji's voice so I sang it in a bass voice.

TR: Next is Mausam Hai, Gaane Ka.
BL: Yes, that is from the film Suraksha - Mithun Chakraborty's first picture. At that time, the disco beat wasn't around in Bollywood. [Hums a disco tune] I introduced it in this film before Disco Dancer. It was a commercial film and Bruce Lee was very popular at the time, with the film Enter The Dragon. As was John Travolta with Saturday Night Fever. So I mixed both of those and came up with this song. [Sings] Hoo Ha! So the action came from Bruce Lee and dance from John Travolta. Mithun Chakraborty became a star after it and the song was a super duper hit!

You can read the rest of our feature on Bappi Lahiri in the October 2005 issue of The Record Music Magazine available at your local newsagent.


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