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The Cardigans
Swedish rockers The Cardigans return with a new look and new sound. The Record speaks exclusively to bassist Magnus Sveningsson about reinvention, music, technology and why he is the only one not wearing leather in their funky new video.

The Record: Your first single is called I Need Some Fine Wine, And You, You Need To Be Nicer. Do tell us more.
Magnus: It is, I think, a good pop song and it was our first choice as the [first] single off the new album. The Swedish record company wanted a different song to be released first but then they changed their minds to our decision. I think the song is about drinking alcohol, maybe sex, and dogs!

TR: Ah, all about modern love then? The video for it looks quite interesting from the screen captures on your website…
Magnus: The video director wanted us to wear some leather stuff, like S&M. Our drummer has on a leather mask, Nina is wearing PVC clothes, actually she has three or four different outfits. All the other guys in band also had masks, but not me because I was playing ping-pong on the set with the producer’s two kids. So I didn’t have to dress up in a leather mask which I was very happy about!

TR: So it is about modern love!
Magnus: Yes I think so! [Laughs]

TR: How is this record different than your last release?
Magnus: With our last album we really wanted to do the ‘70s record with like the Fleetwood Mac thing, and now we wanted to do the opposite. So we took away all the acoustic guitars, we cut our hair…we wanted to do things differently. That’s just with the arrangement and how you play, but basically the core is the same. You need to invent a new sound for each record.

TR: What is the one thing that fans have come to expect from The Cardigans’ music?
Magnus: I think it’s really nice to have Nina in the band. She has a really good voice and it’s one of our best elements. And I think that enables us to change the sound around her quite drastically. When you think about Lovefool, it’s a love song, then we went to the album Gran Turismo with the song My Favourite Game which is quite a big [and different] step but it still has Nina there. Our fans expect us to change our style. If we did the same thing again and again it would be quite boring.

TR: What is the most amazing on-stage experience you can recall?
Magnus: Two years ago we played in a big festival in Denmark called Roskilde which typically has 100,000 people there. Being a Scandinavian band, that’s the biggest thing you can do and we played as the last band on Saturday night on the biggest stage in front of 60,000 people. I remember the same day, I was really nervous and I called my dad. I needed to talk to him a bit because I was so nervous. And he said ‘Don’t be, if this is what you’ve been dreaming about. To be the main band, on the main stage, on a Saturday night that’s so big, it’s what all the Scandinavian bands have been dreaming of.’ That made me happy and calm. I realized that I have to go out there, play my best and enjoy it!
To see all the lights and candles during the ballads ~ you can just imagine how many people were there, watching us…just watching me and my friends playing…that was almost a religious moment for me.

You can read the rest of our exclusive with The Cardigans in the October 2005 issue of The Record Music Magazine available at your local newsagent.


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