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Darren Hayes
10 hit songs. 5 b-sides and rare recordings. 2 brand new tracks.

That’s what you can look forward to on the upcoming release Truly, Madly, Completely ~ The Best Of Savage Garden, out in November, four years after super duo Darren Hayes and Daniel Jones parted ways to pursue their own music careers.

The Record speaks exclusively to singer Darren Hayes and in keeping with the spirit of the release gets him to dish on all things truly, madly and completely Savage Garden!

The best songs are those that come from a sincere and honest place. Here’s Darren sharing the truths behind five of Savage Garden’s biggest hits.

I Want You
“…the beginning of everything really. It was the first single ever from Savage Garden and was released on an independent record company’s label in Australia only. We didn’t have a record deal outside of Australia and it was quite lucky that a radio promo guy from America was visiting down under and he heard the song and took it back to America. Pirated copies of the song started playing on American radio and we had a top 10 single without having a record deal! I always tell this to young bands – it’s a mix of talent and luck [that works] in this business and that was certainly a piece of luck for us.”

“…written years and years after I Want You. It is a song written by two people who maybe aren’t as innocent anymore. It had been written after the experience of having some of your dreams come true, being on both the good and bad side of money, and certainly after several trips to other parts of the world including India, where I had some of my biggest life-changing epiphanies. I remember being in India the day before going to Monaco. I was in Bombay and I remember seeing poverty for the first time and still there was joy in those people’s faces. And then 24 hours later, being in Monaco, which is supposed to be one of the richest countries in the world… that juxtaposition just taught me so much. Affirmation is all about life lessons. It is all about things that I noticed growing up and from being given this gift of traveling the world. I still close my shows with this song and I am sure that I always will.
One of my favourite memories of this song is ~ I had my parents in the front row at a concert and I looked at them both when I sang [the lyric] I believe your parents did the best job they knew how to do. Those are very powerful moments, being able to look my mother in the eye and sing that to her...”

So Beautiful (The new single)
“I guess I’m famous for writing love songs but I haven’t really written a love song or had a hit with a love song for a while because… I haven’t been in love really for many years! So Beautiful is a very honest and sincere song; it was from the heart. It was a song that I was writing for my third solo album originally and the record company had a demo version of the song and fell in love with it.
When we decided that we wanted to put out this greatest hits collection this year we realized that we wanted there to be some new music on it as well and it was sort of a perfect opportunity for me to test out maybe where my new direction might be going and give this song an early debut I guess."

The Record: Tell us about some of the craziest things you have experienced while on tour?
darren: Maddest?! Phew! Well, I've fallen off stage before, several times ~ literally! One tour we built this catwalk that went out into the audience of nearly 15,000 people in our hometown in Brisbane, and I remember just walking right off the end of it. I think a lot people thought I was clueless or trying to be Jim Morrison. [Laughs] But I wasn't! I couldn't walk for days afterwards. And…let's see…a transvestite asked me to autograph her nipple once, does that count?

You can read the rest of our exclusive with Darren Hayes in the October 2005 issue of The Record Music Magazine available at your local newsagent.


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