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Iron Maiden - Death On The Road - EMI A zombie mascot called Eddie, galloping beats, twin guitar leads, eardrum-shattering vocals abound, along with lyrics that could have been plucked straight from the Tales Of The Crypt comic books; itís easy to see why this British act are hailed (along with Black Sabbath & Judas Priest) as the founders of heavy metal.

Three decades on, when you look at the recent releases of Iron Maiden, they do manage to release a studio piece occasionally, but most of them have been live recordings and Greatest Hits packages. This new one intends to keep that collection growing ever more. Recorded in Germany during the band's 2003 Dance Of Death tour, the two-disc Death On The Road deviates little from Iron Maiden's countless other live albums. Given their mixing the classic material with a fair amount of new tunes on the track listing ~ any discriminating Iron Maiden fan should be pleased.

Totaling a little over 90 minutes, of the 16 tracks we get from Maiden on this CD, a full six of them are from the last studio album and itís a pretty big sampling of new material to absorb. New renditions of classic Maiden tracks ~ Number Of The Beast, Hallowed Be Thy Name and The Trooper ~ makes this a solid collection, to say the least. This a good live album, but earlier live efforts like A Real Dead One and Live After Death have unfortunately set the standards high, which this one fails to meet.

Iron Maiden tends to disappoint towards the end of this set, setting notions that they can't hold themselves to the performance standards of their younger days. Loyal fans will scoop this one up, but if youíre new to metal and want to hear the heydays, get their retrospective Best Of The Beast.

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