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DJ Rainer Klang
Record label manager by day, DJ by night. That's Austrian DJ Rainer Klang for you! On a recent visit to Mumbai, Klang spoke to The Record about the music scene in Austria, playing at the Cannes film festival and what it takes to get a record deal.

The Record: What is the music scene in Austria like?

Rainer: There is a lot of classical music. Austria is of course very famous for that. It has hundreds of years of musical history. However there is not such a big commercial music scene in Austria but there are quite a few electronic music producers because there was a big hype in the mid 90's when the famous Richard Dorfmeister and Sofa Surfers became big in Europe. The rave and techno scene was really big then, you started to get more equipment since it was cheaper, so the interest in electronic music was great.

TR: How did you become a DJ?

Rainer: I started to play in the early '90s because I always loved music and a friend of mine started to DJ about the same time. We spent a lot of time on it. Then after a short time I began playing in clubs and then began to work at Klein Records.

TR: You DJ by night and work in a record label by day ~ any overlaps there?

Rainer: The music business hasn't had much to do with the DJing for me. At the record label it involves signing artists that have a potential to sell records and then working on the promotion. DJing for me is what I love to do. I love music and I love to play it.

TR: What is your advice for someone who wants to get signed to a label?

Rainer: That's a hard one but I'd say it is really important to work on your skills and to make music that you really like. I think that people can hear [it in your music] if you are really into the stuff you are doing. Don't just try to get signed to sell stuff.

TR: Tell us about some of the best sets you've played.

Rainer: There were some very long sets on private parties. I play a lot in Austria and I really like this club called The Flex one of the best underground clubs in Vienna. It has the best sound system. I don't like to play at the start of the night. [Laughs] Crowds around the world are very different. The most beautiful location I've played is probably at the Cannes film festival in France. I've played there three times now. These are great parties with a lot of celebrities. But it is not as much fun DJing there ~ it looks great, the people are beautiful but the crowd is not that into the music as when you're playing in a dark cellar somewhere, where the sound system is great and the people are shouting and just really into it. I prefer that!

You can read the rest of our feature on DJ Rainer Klang in the October 2005 issue of The Record Music Magazine available at your local newsagent.


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