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Shaggy - Clothes Drop - Universal Shaggy's inevitably known as a comeback kid, having famously been dropped by his first record label Virgin, and then releasing Hot Shot on MCA, which spawned the global # one singles It Wasn't Me and Angel. With a six-week run at # one on the US album chart, and a worldwide total of more than 10 million, it became the most successful dancehall reggae album ever.

His latest release, Clothes Drop makes it abundantly clear; Shaggy is a guy who knows what he’s good at and doesn't care about much else. The sixth studio album from the Jamaica-born Orville Richard Burrell, finds Shaggy expanding his pop reggae vision with another blend of whine-and-grind dancehall.

The subject matter this time around, ranges from wild boasts about Shaggy’s way with the ladies to…well, that pretty much covers it. First single, the hoochie shaking Wild 2nite, pairs Shaggy with Olivia, the G-Unit diva who recently shared the number one Candy Shop with 50 Cent. Shaggy’s deep, throaty rhymes with breathy come-ons, strike a right balance on the 18 tracks the album has to offer.

He’s got bona fide bangers like Ready Fi Di Ride and Stand Up, a Marley-esque call to arms. He's proves that he is at his best, when his main concern is shaking butts, and the pulsating Supa Hypnotic (featuring Nicole of the Pussycat Dolls) accomplishes that goal with ease. Then there’s the ambiguously wrought Ahead In Life ~ which takes the It Wasn’t Me saga to new heights, as Shaggy chastises his…ahem…misbehaving third leg. His unparalleled ability to fuse steamy eroticism with winking good humor makes him the most likable pop music lothario out there. Although not Shaggy's most essential album, Clothes Drop is a rewarding effort that’s guaranteed to keep his legion of fans well satisfied.

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