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Assembled by former TV commercial producer Ivan Shapovalov, t.A.T.u. comprises fierce brunette Julia Olegovna Volkova and sprightly redhead Elena Sergeevna Katina. Created after auditioning hundreds of candidates in Moscow, t.A.T.u. (pronounced 'tattoo') is Russia's answer to pop-meets-Prodigy and is Eastern Europe's most popular musical export.

Their debut album, released in 2000 under Shapovalov's guidance, was sung in Russian and well received in Russia. But Shapovalov wanted to make a mark outside Russia. He gave the job to legendary producer Trevor Horn for a mostly English language version of their album.
The teen pop duo delivered captivating melodies and controversial lyrics and signed up to Universal Music, Russia in May 2001. Their debut single, Ya Soshla s Uma (I've Lost My Mind), based on a story about a lesbian affair between two young girls, became their first hit, gaining international exposure through MTV.

Two years later, t.A.T.u. released the album 200 km/h In The Wrong Lane, and the first single was released to rave reviews. All The Things She Said is a scandalous story of a love affair between two young girls, packed with a creditable slice of mega-dance pop and fantasy running wide in their lyrics. The song has teenage angst, lust and despair, to give you rollicking, elastic electro pop on display, accompanied by a saucy video.

During t.A.T.u.'s five years together, the two talented beauties have caused a worldwide ruckus, routinely playing to audiences of 50,000 fans and selling more than 5 million copies of their debut album.

The girls have released their second album Dangerous And Moving and their aptly titled first single All About Us is presently making waves on the music channels. The songs are well-crafted with a deft melodic sense that not only sparkles at times, but intrigues as well. With a light veneer of rock-pop rhythms, t.A.T.u unravels a desperate mind for the ordinary listener. Seductive melodies that ooze with passion make this album worth an audition.

When speaking with Julia and Lena, their personal and artistic truths are commendably clear (if not a bit intimidating). They are afraid of no one, share an enormous passion for singing and performance and perhaps most admirable of all ~ the only people they feel responsible to are their fans. The Record Music Magazine got an exclusive with the girls.

The Record: Why the title Dangerous And Moving?
Julia: Well there are many machines that are dangerous, but if you go to see there are some people who are as big as these machines and are dangerous too.

TR: Can you tell us something about the new album?
Julia: We have many who have helped us this time round. Probably they have heard the first album. We have Sting playing bass on the Dave Stewart (The Eurythmics) co-penned track Friend Or Foe. The album's elegant string arrangements are provided by Richard Carpenter. Here you will find eleven powerful, passionate tracks dedicated to sharing personal truths and expressions for a fearless love of life. Dangerous And Moving is an album filled with high-energy club tracks and sweeping ballads that will have old and new fans alike dancing, laughing, singing, and making love.

TR: How long did you take to make the video?
Julia: It was really tiring and we used to shoot always past midnight. So we used to begin at about 2 am and by 7 am we would wrap up. I hope the video All About Us is well received by our fans all over.

TR: What does your family think about your success?
Elena: They love us and they also miss us. We talked to them almost everyday when we were shooting the video. Though we missed them, they were in our hearts all the time.

TR: Whom would you like to work with in the future?
Julia: We haven't got any names for you, but anything is possible in the future. We are doing well and sing well too, so we don't need anybody if we don't get anyone. In our first album we did not have anyone and this time as you can see we have. So it all depends how things work out for us.

You can read the rest of our feature on T.A.T.U. in the October 2005 issue of The Record Music Magazine available at your local newsagent.


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