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The boys from Westlife are back! They may be one member short since Bryan McFadden's departure, but they're still as tight as ever. As they get set to release their seventh album, Face To Face, singer Mark Feehily talks exclusively to The Record about the new release, going unnoticed in America and life without Bryan.

The Record: Hi Mark, nice to talk to you again. Tell us about your new album.
Mark: Well, Face To Face is our seventh album and we're very happy to be at this stage. Our last album was a theme album, where we sang Rat Pack covers, so it's nice and kind of refreshing to go back to pop music because obviously we are a pop band. We feel it is one of the strongest albums we've made.
The reason we did the Rat Pack album last year was that we felt there were not enough good pop songs around then, not a suitable quality to what we see is our standard. So we waited the extra year and bided some time and now we've put together an album of twelve very strong pop songs. There are slow songs, mid-tempo tracks and some very high energy songs on it as well, which hopefully people will enjoy. It'll be interesting to see what people think.

TR: Do you have a favourite song from Face To Face?
Mark: I suppose that's going to change over time. One song that I really enjoyed and am proud of is When You Tell Me That You Love Me, the duet with Diana Ross. That was a big affair and it's turned out really well. Another song I like is called Hit You With The Real Thing. It's extremely up-tempo and soulful, just a great fast pop song. I'm looking forward to performing that on the live tours.

TR: Tell us a little about the cover songs that you've included on the album.
Mark: Desperado of course everyone knows, and This Life is more like a remake of an old little known country song. Our manager has a massive collection of country records and they usually lend themselves very well to pop music, for example I Will Always Love You by Whitney Houston which was originally by Dolly Parton. This Life is a lovely song and I feel it might become a favourite with the fans even if we don't release it as a single. It's a really strong song.
The other cover is When You Tell Me That You Love Me, the song with Diana Ross. She requested the band to do the duet with her because she thought it suited Westlife. We were very honoured!
Desperado was a song that Simon Cowell suggested we should do. It's a bit funny, because sometimes people will suggest a song and you are like 'Are you serious, do you really want us to record that song?' I think with Desperado it was like that, and the original is such a classic. But we recorded it and it turned out really well.

You can read the rest of our exclusive with Westlife in the October 2005 issue of The Record Music Magazine available at your local newsagent.


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