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They say that if your job involves doing something that you love, it doesnít feel like work at all! How great would it be, as a music lover, to have a job in the music industry? Starting this month, The Record kicks off a special feature exploring different aspects of the music industry that you could potentially be a part of. All those dejected bathroom singers who thought having top notch pipes was the only way to work in music, itís time to give the prospect another look!


When we were younger we felt such a deep connection with our favourite musical artists that it seemed very possible that their music came to us without the involvement of any sort of middle men except the friendly record store staff that sold you the albums. Clearly, this is not the case ~ behind any artist lies an army of professionals that works towards the goal of getting that next album into your hands.

Jobs In Music FAQ
People have a lot of questions when it comes to careers in the music industry. We have compiled an easy FAQ for you to refer to.

How old do I have to be before I can work in the music industry?
The good news is that age is no bar. You can start while youíre studying ~ apply for internships in the holidays and get a head start. This way you also get a feel of how the place works and this will inform your decision to take up a full-time job in the field later on.

What kind of people do record companies look for?
People with passion ~ thatís the standard answer you will get no matter who you ask. The ability to work tough long hours is also essential.

I suffer from stage fright ~ is that a problem?
Only if your goal is to actually be on stage singing every night. And even then, there are ways to work around it. Like with any industry, in music there are people in the spotlight (in this case, solo artists or bands) and people who work behind the scenes (producers, sessions musicians, engineers, record company staff etc). You can be successful in both kinds of jobs. Some of the people behind the most loved songs in the world are rarely recognised by face but their work is known the world over and they like it like that.

What educational qualifications are necessary for a job in the music industry?
It depends entirely on which part of the industry you are looking to get a job in and also on your personal method of working. Some of the best musicians are self-taught while others prefer to go to music school and get a formal education. Marketing and sales personnel could benefit from degrees in their fields but companies also hire people without educational backing based purely on the skills they display. Recording engineers tend to have engineering and science backgrounds while accountants have finance backgrounds. These are just a few examples but for your specific case, it might be wise to take a look at your skill set and see which part of the industry it fits into.

THE CAREERS As we mentioned earlier, there is a varied range of jobs in the music industry that you might be suited for. Here is a basic diagram listing some of the more prominent ones:

Behind The Song
Songwriter ~ Musician ~ Singer ~ Producer ~ Arranger ~ Recording Studio Personnel

Selling the album
Artist ~ Manager ~ Record Label ~ Music Store

A record label consists of various departments:
Artist & Repertoire ~ Legal ~ Finance ~ Marketing ~ Sales ~ Production and Design

Promoting the album
PR firms ~ Journalists ~ Radio ~ Television ~ Street Teams (groups, usually consisting of ardent fans, who promote an artist at a very grassroots level ~ frequently used for new bands) Ė~ Websites

Take it on the road
Tour manager ~ Concert promoter

We will be going into greater detail on each of these areas in future issues.

You can read the rest of our article on Carers In music in the November-December 2006 issue of The Record Music Magazine available at your local newsagent.


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