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Ordinarily just being in a band would make you the coolest kid in the class, but Evanescence went one step further. Their lead singer, believe it or not, is a woman whose powerful vocals, striking fashion sense and strident public persona has broken down the doors of the alternative rock boys club. With huge hits with songs like Bring Me To Life and My Immortal and two Grammy Awards under their belt, even the most passive of music fans have to admit that Evanescence has incredible talent. Having sold million of records worldwide, it’s a sure thing that Evanescence is poised to continue their meteoric rise with their latest release The Open Door.

Their Place On The Fame Scoreboard
Formed in the early nineties, Evanescence’s seemingly overnight success actually took years to build. When it finally arrived, it arrived with great speed as if from out of nowhere. After the band’s singles Bring Me To Life and My Immortal were featured in the movie Daredevil in 2003, the group exploded onto the mainstream music scene. It didn't take too long for critics and peers to start looking up this band from Little Rock, Arkansas, to find out what the noise was all about.

Their major label debut Fallen sold millions of copies and was certified gold or platinum in over 35 countries, and the CD spent more than a hundred weeks on the US Charts. Their music seemed to have a particular resonance with the youth of today; the band even topped dozens of magazine polls, being hailed as the Best New Rock Act. Proving their success wasn't a fluke, they even won two Grammies (including the prestigious Best New Artist award) out of the five for which they were nominated at the 2004 Awards. They’ve been immortalized in comic books, video games and even hit Hollywood action movies like Elektra, while Billboard and countless other magazines have put them on their covers, making them one of the most sought out acts of this rock era.

The Band’s Musical Integrity
Evanescence is one of those bands that demands attention when you listen to them. We're impressed by how they try to infuse their music with a deeper relevance and feeling than is usual in youth-oriented hard rock. They write their own songs, play their own musical instruments, and boast a lead singer with a fantastic voice. These three qualities all add up to one thing ~ inherent talent. The band is defined by Amy Lee's stunning vocals, compelling lyrics and haunting melodies, fused with lead guitarist Terry Balsamo's intricate guitar strums, Rocky Gray’s fevering drumming and John LeCompt and Tim McCord’s soft licks to form a seamless, ethereal mixture that perfectly channels the band's hard rock and classical sensibilities. Intensely independent despite their big label association, they have a hand in the artwork, videos and publicity of their songs. Plus they bring a wide and eclectic group of influences to their work, from Meatloaf to Danny Elfman to Pearl Jam.

This band has endured on its own terms, keeping it real no matter what the flavour of the month has been. They’ve even gone on record criticizing bubblegum popstars like Britney Spears, saying that Spears doesn't rock and she's a mechanical pop robot.

Why Everybody Loves Them
What do you call a band that actually does what it says it believes in, stays true to its fans, and is as approachable as when no one knew its name? Evanescence haven’t let success get to their head and remember the years of struggle before they finally broke onto the mainstream quite clearly. That is the essence of this band’s personality. Their grounded nature and open and honest personalities, coupled with lead singer Amy Lee’s surreal voice and talent, are what keeps attracting music lovers to them. They’ve become an international phenomenon, with sold out concerts around the globe.

Stars like Ben Affleck, The Osbournes, Marilyn Manson and even Snoop Dogg are already among the card-carrying members of the Evanescence fan legion. Whether they’re openly expressing their opinions about the world or singing about being betrayed in love, this rock band has the world’s undue attention. It's fair to say you couldn't turn on the radio or the TV in the last few years without hearing their music blaring from the speakers. Although the band's name means a sudden disappearance, their music is poised for longevity.

Amy Lee: The New Symbol Of Rock Music
Amy Lee’s profile has soared right along with the record sales. In a genre that is still very much a man’s club, she is succeeding by herself. While she’s never sought the role, she has become the symbol of a rock generation and Evanescence has been hailed as one of the most relevant bands of this decade. Lee has made it in an industry that often values a woman's looks over musical talent and originality. She has built the band’s career on solid songwriting skills, impassioned performances, and the ability to stick to her guns. After the well-publicized, ongoing legal dispute with their former manager and the sudden departure of the band’s co-founder and guitarist Ben Moody, she’s been the driving creative force behind the band, and can rightly take full credit for their future and success.

Lee is also passionate about promoting equality and tolerance within society through her involvement in several social and political causes. She approaches such issues with the same honesty and intensity as she does her music. But don't think Lee is a poster girl for feminists; she writes songs about how she feels, and tries to provoke social change on her own terms. She brings beauty and brains to rock, which has a tendency to consist of women with neither.

You can read the rest of our cover story on Evanescence in the November-December 2006 issue of The Record Music Magazine available at your local newsagent.


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