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INXS India Tour
We attend their show, hang out with the band and follow them around exclusively as they shoot a video in the city for their next single. It’s safe to say that we’ve had a solid dose of INXS and we’re looking forward to more!

Meeting The Band
The longtime fans want to meet their idols Kirk Pengilly, Gary Beers, Tim, Andrew and Jon Farris while the girls are lining up to see how cool JD Fortune is in person. We want to do both, having conducted two telephonic interviews with the band so far.

We finally get to meet the members of INXS and quite predictably, everyone’s a bit starstruck. But the band is so warm and down to earth that our conversation takes us far and wide over interesting terrain not normally associated with the average rock interview. Being in India, the Indian remix of Afterglow, the contents of their tour rider, the biggest misconceptions about the band and memories from the early days… read on!

The Record: Welcome to India, finally!
Kirk Pengilly: Yeah! I can’t believe it has taken us 30 years to get here! We are really happy to be here.

Tim Farris: We were actually scheduled to tour India years ago but we had to cancel then so we’re really glad to finally be here. India is a major hub of international music, we have some great fans here so it means a lot to be here and from whatever little I’ve seen of the city, I think I could say that Mumbai could be like my second home!

JD Fortune: Coming down the elevator and looking at the foyer and the architecture [in the hotel]...anyone who takes that kind of time and puts in that many details, puts that much effort, love and caring to making something aesthetically appealing for the will eventually affect the heart and I think those who have not come to India yet are unfortunate because there's probably a piece of their heart missing.

TR: For a lot of fans, this is the new era of INXS and they wonder what it’s like for you as a band. Could you address that?
Andrew: The new INXS in some ways is still the old INXS! Of course we’re moving forward and we’re in the 21st century and you can only keep moving forward, you can’t live in the past. We’re lucky to have the past, we have a big catalogue of songs, we’ve sold so many records around the world and we’re really lucky people. We’ve been fortunate.

TR: You’re touring the world right now, how has that been?
Kirk: Long! [Laughs] No, we’re loving it. We love performing live and we’re good at it. I think we put on an entertaining show and as a performer for me it’s really addictive. I love it; I live for it! [Laughs] It’s instant feedback ~ you have an audience letting you know what they feel about what they’re hearing.

TR: Is there anything on your tour rider [document detailing the band’s requirements on tour] that would surprise the fans? Kirk: We’re pretty healthy! We have a juicer and part of the rider is that we get raw vegetables for fresh juices and things. Plus some wine and beer.

Andrew: I think the one that confused people though ~ I was having protein shakes for a while with raw eggs. Once we ran out of protein powder and so everyone goes, ‘What’s with the raw eggs and bananas?’

Kirk: So yeah, raw eggs is pretty weird isn’t it?

Andrew: I’ve actually eaten raw turtles eggs once.

TR: Was it okay?
Andrew: No it wasn’t okay. But I had to do it, I was with some aboriginal people. I was sitting on the beach and they offered me a turtle’s egg. It was a big egg. This old lady was looking at me very seriously so I took it. But it was really hard to swallow ~ it had the consistency of snot! [Laughs] It was okay though, I had it, I kept my cool. After that she looked at me, she didn’t even smile, just nodded her approval. [Smiles]

TR: You survived!
Andrew: Yeah I’m lucky to have had the experiences that I’ve had.

You can read the rest of our coverage of INXS's India Tour in the November-December 2006 issue of The Record Music Magazine available at your local newsagent.


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