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Rockin' India: Thermal And A Quater
If rock music is what you live for, here’s a brand new feature that you will want to keep track of! Starting this month, each issue of The Record will bring you the essentials on Indian rock bands that you absolutely must watch out for. You’ve raved about rockers from all over the world… now it’s time to put your hands together for some local talent!

The Band: Thermal And A Quarter

The Buzz:
Bangalore is where these rockers first kicked things off. They have been playing together for an impressive ten years now.

The Highlights:
  • Opening for legends Deep Purple at their April 2001 show and Jethro Tull in February 2006.
  • Playing across the country from big cities like Mumbai, New Delhi and Chennai to smaller ethnic festivals “in Kochi to save a grove of rain trees”.
  • Internationally, Thermal And A Quarter rocked bars in Glasgow and London in May-June 2006.
  • They have released three albums thus far - Thermal And A Quarter (2000), Jupiter Café (2002) and Plan B (2004).
The Record: How did the band come together?
The band was initially just 'The Christ College Band' - that's where we met. We took part in various inter-collegiate events as the college band and then decided to do one semi-professional competition on a whim. The rest, as they say…

TR: What is the story behind the name of the band?
Take your pick: (a) Three Malayalees and a quarter Malayalee or (b) In a future time, it has finally been discovered that the key to world peace is just one thing: Equality. And this equality is a complete equality; no man must have more, be stronger, or more intelligent or more anything than any other man. If one is born with stronger limbs, then one must be made to carry heavy weights. If one has supernormal eyesight, then one must be made to wear distorting glasses. If one has a higher IQ, a special chip will be surgically implanted in the brain, to generate random 'noise', preventing excess intelligence and so on. The global 'equality constant', is basically a measure of the electric potentials that all human thoughts/actions are, of which the units are 'thermals'. The global constant is One Thermal And A Quarter...

TR: Tell us about each member of the band – their musical background and personality.
The band consists of:
Bruce Lee Mani: Guitars/Vocals. Front man, songwriter. Mostly self-taught.
Rajeev Rajagopal: Drums/Percussion The band's biggest strategist, biggest Groove. Self-taught.
Rudy David: Bass/Vocals. The quiet place. The voice of reason. Self-taught.
Tony Das: Guitars/Vocals. The kid. Funny hair. All-round nice guy. Self-taught.
Guests Nate Linkon: Saxophone and David Pascal: vocals

TR: For someone who has never heard of you, which of your original compositions would be the best introduction to the band?
Just one? Then perhaps Bend The World, from our third album, Plan B.

TR: Which musician do you consider your rock god?
We have many among us... Musicians we all trip on include Steely Dan, Dave Matthews, Sting, Blood, Sweat & Tears, Phish, James Taylor, some South Indian Folk/Classical, etc.

TR: What is your favourite lyric from a rock song?
Some of the top ones...

"If I ever lose my eyes, if all my colours should run dry
And If I ever lose my eyes, oh then I won't have to cry no more"
- Moonshadow, Cat Stevens

"I have never met Napoleon, but I plan to find the time"
- Pretzel Logic, Steely Dan

"What is the truth, is it a lie
And all the time, it comes down to you and I
You can point your finger but the priest of my perception
Might never see what you see"
- Bend the World, Thermal And A Quarter

"Eleanor Rigby, wearing the face that she keeps in a jar by the door"
- Eleanor Rigby, The Beatles

You can read the rest of our Rockin' India with Thermal And A Quarter in the November-December 2006 issue of The Record Music Magazine available at your local newsagent.


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