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Scissor Sisters
‘What’s in a name?’ you might ask. There’s a lot, if you come to think of the band of four boys and one girl who have given super hits like Filthy/Gorgeous and the more recent I Don’t Feel Like Dancin’ and go by the name of Sister Scissors. If you are more adventurous and want to know what this means, make two scissors with your hands…or better still take a look at their Remixed CD single inlay.

The five-member group consists of Jake Shears, Baby Daddy, Paddy Boom, Del Marquis, and the only woman, singer Ana Matronic. While Ana is not a lesbian, three of the band members are openly gay, and are not afraid to say it to the world. The video for Filthy/Gorgeous shows a private club filled with wild partiers, many of them in drag (wearing clothing of the opposite sex).

But back to their music ~ their new album Ta-Dah is creating waves with some peppy tracks. Scissor Sisters bring rollicking guitar riffs, throbbing synths and a whole bunch of wicked lyrics fused into t