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November 2007 KT Tunstall's new release Drastic Fantastic kicks on a surprisingly powerful note… as compared to the sleepy dreamy start Eye To The Telescope had. More

The musical theme of the new Foo Fighters album is diverse, yet it moves through the different paces with gracefulness, not seeming the least bit disorganised or unnatural. More

Dolores O'Riordan's Are You Listening? is one weird album ~ especially when you don’t really know what to expect the first time around! More

Rihanna kicks things off on her new album with her smash hit Umbrella - this might’ve been a mistake as it sets the expectations sky high for the rest of the record. More

50 Cent's new release Curtis lacks the rawness of 50’s debut Get Rich Or Die Trying. More

September 2007 With all of the group’s hits and more in chronological order, there’s no question that what’s on The Traveling Wilburys Collection is all great music More

Memory Almost Full offers ample evidence that former Beatle Paul McCartney is still at the top of his game. More

For latest release Lost Highway, Bon Jovi has dusted off their acoustic guitars and once again strapped on the cowboy boots & leather jackets. More

Considering the state of the world, it was a very relevant topic, and Ozzy Osbourne's Black Rain attempt to explore war, greed and society. More

With enough chance for each of Velvet Revolver's talented bunch’s stars to shine, their latest release Libertad is a great boost for rock in this age. More

August 2007 On his first English album in almost four years, Enrique Iglesias brings you the kind of romantic fanstasy pop that’s now become his trademark. More

For the casual and new listener who doesn’t want to invest in a series of the band’s concept records, Acoustic Jethro Tull is an entertaining listen. More

Michael Bublé’s third studio album is a wonderfully crafted group of originals and covers that accent his deep crossover appeal as both a jazz and pop musician. More

As their new album Poison’d proves, Poison now sound more like a genuine rock ‘n’ roll band than they ever have. More

With her new release My December, Kelly Clarkson takes charge of her own creative vision; and the result is as catchy as it is confounding. More

June 2007 On sophomore release It Won’t Be Soon Before Long, Maroon5 runs with the sound and success of their eponymous debut, creating an album that was designed to be bigger and better. More

Black Sabbath - The Dio Years is unique for it’s the first that deals solely with the band’s second line-up. More

Linkin Park are out to prove they still are a hard edged, dogged metal-mongering and tough rapping band. More

Like her debut, Natasha Bedingfield's new effort N.B. is a quality pop album and is strikingly ambitious. More

For those unfamiliar with the hypnotic and almost otherworldly sound of Tibetan music, Namgyal Lhamo's The Enchanted Land provides a perfect overview. More

May 2007 Rocket Man: The Definitive Hits doesn’t merely preserve the legacy of Elton John, it gives it a new vivacity, and a power guaranteed to propel the music forward for some time to come. More

The Warmth Of The Sun focuses on the years when the Beach Boys were a hit-producing juggernaut and is as good a collection you’re ever likely to find of the band. More

Avril Lavigne's latest offering, The Best Damn Thing, is a dirty pop/rock album; but it’s a young adult album, driven almost entirely by gleaming guitars, beats and surprisingly tender production work. More

Music From The OC: Mix 1 is the show’s audio companion and features a great lineup of alternative rock and pop you may remember as the soundtrack to lesbian kisses, family punch ups, dirty double-crosses and other cute plotlines. More

The real reason to get Air Supply's new double disc The Singer And The Song would be for the DVD - which reminds one why they loved Air Supply the first time around. More

April 2007 Take That's new album Beautiful World is a really fine, surprising comeback effort, this is accessible pop music that any generation could relate to. Well recommended. More

Muse's latest release Black Holes and Revelations isn’t exactly a paradigm of mainstream pop music. More

Akon sticks to the same script on Konvicted ~ women, guns, drugs, wealth, and more women ~ and tries to deliver an album with plenty of dawg hooks throughout. More

The Killer's latest release Sam’s Town tries to serve up more of the stylish, angular sound that worked so well before. More

Imogen Heap finds new ways of expressing timeworn emotions like love, lust, and yearning on her latest release Speak For Yourself. More

March 2007 This sharp double disc chronicle underscores Crowded House's brilliant pop architecture. More

Not Too Late, finds a more mature or at least a less vulnerable Norah Jones ~ one who chooses to express herself with nuance rather than overtness. More

Jerry Lewis has been subjected to plenty of compilations over the years, but Last Man Standing is the first big duet album of his career. More

Simon Webbe's second solo release Grace is lush with harmonies and over-the-top melodies. More

Everything that made Gwen Stefani's first album a success is repeated here; the twelve tracks once again fall halfway between alternative pop and R&B. More

January 2007 18 Singles attempts to fit all of U2's hits onto a single CD. While U2’s remarkable body of work is far too large and complex to lend itself to such a compilation, this still manages a decent overview of the band’s oeuvre. More

Intent on giving us something different from what he’s recorded before, latest release Rudebox finds Robbie Williams veering away from his usual pop fare. More

Press Play is the first album in five years, and Diddy (as he now calls himself) cleverly reclaims his crown as the biggest star in hip-hop, if not popular music. More

Black Eyed Peas' Fergie erases any doubt about her own musical talent with The Dutchess ~ her first solo release. More

The thirteen tracks on Evanescence's new album The Open Door don't deviate all that much from the formula they laid out on their debut. More

November-December 2006 Showcasing John Mayer like never before, this is an album of depth and quality, and one would be hard-pressed to ignore his talent. More

Michael Cretu is more concerned with his own artistic development than with revolutionizing dance music yet again with his new record. More

While it's not the easiest album in the world to get inside, Thom Yorke's album The Eraser’s obsessiveness and complexity makes it an interesting find once you've found a way in. More

Christina Aguilera's new album is enjoyable as it spins, but it doesn't add anything new to her cannon. More

Justin Timberlake almost makes the transition from a cute teenybopper to bona fide mature musician. More

September 2006 At an age when his peers have long lost their creative edge, Bob Dylan continues to toss his listening audience curveballs. More

Elvis Movies transcends critical appraisal, because it's the heart that matters, and Elvis Presley moves the listener at a fundamental level. More

Richer than her debut, B’Day lets everyone know that Beyonce is growing up and that she’s still crazy, sexy, and cool. More

The dark imagery and the ferocity of the performances are something that long-time Iron Maiden fans haven’t heard in awhile. More

With twenty tracks and a tagline that promises ‘This Year’s Most Wanted Hits!’, 2006’s Top 20 attempts to ably survey some of the year’s best new music. More

August 2006 Chris Isaak's greatest hits is, without a doubt, the best album you’ll hear all year, for it’s a supremely elegant late-night soundtrack, equally suited to the solitary heartache or a steamy romance. More

Ronan Keating's fourth effort Bring You Home brings out the best of what he has to offer. More

Nelly Furtado's third release Loose is a disc unlike anything she’s ever done before and it is, surprisingly, an appealing mainstream effort. More

Singing here with more energy than he has in almost a decade, Neil Young tries to shake things up and stir a complacent audience to feel ashamed of America and its leaders. More

Krishna Trance had enough energy to get us so worked up that we wanted to leave the office in the middle of the day and run to the nearest dance club. More

July 2006 Harkening back to the flowery poesy of his early work, Paul Simon's determination to meet aging head on makes this album his most impressive in a decade. More

The Pet Shop Boys' latest effort Fundamental exhibits a keen sense of purpose and a renewed vigour of their craft. More

On his latest release, the graying but still boyish Bruce Springsteen takes the songs of87-year-old folk laureate Pete Seeger to a deeper place. More

With their third album Everyman For Himself, Hoobastank ditch any pretense of being a garage band and finally acknowledge they're straight-up Top 40. More

Las Ketchup's latest effort Bloody Mary (Un Blodymary) hopes to prove that their presence in pop history will not be meaningless, though their songs may be. More

June 2006 Arctic Monkey's Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not is a very solid album from the new emerging rock genre that deserves to be listened to. Its money well spent. More

Nicknamed ‘Avocado’ (because of the picture of the fruit on the sleeve) the self-titled Pearl Jam is their first studio release in almost four years and their best in a decade. More

What makes Flipsyde's We The People (India Tour Edition) essential to get is all the extras thrown in, from seven extra tracks to a bonus VCD. More

What makes LL Cool J's new album a really true hip-hop event, is its host of spirited cameos; every single song has the word 'featuring' in its title. More

Daddy Yankee, who sounds best when he’s party-oriented, tries hard on Barrio Fino to live up to the promise of the hype surrounding him, and almost makes it. Those who aren't intimidated by the language barrier will find this to be a good album to play around with. More

May 2006 Getting Mark Knopfler and Emmylou Harris to make an album together was a truly inspired idea, and it’s not simply because they are two of the finest voices in rock and country music at this time. More

With a title and format that apes The Beatles’ best of CD that came out a few years ago, No.1’s compiles The Scorpions' chart topping hits, best performances and fan favourites. More

Jack Johnson's In Between Dreams remains in the grey matter after a single listen, making this the bona fide sing-a-long album to have for the summer. More

For his latest release Prince has teamed up with Universal music, but the most important thing, however, is that the Purple One has learned how to make music funky again. More

Teen singer Rihanna may never wail like Mariah Carey or Whitney Houston, but she gets a B for effort as she seamlessly tries to bounce from genre to genre on the thirteen tracks here. More

April 2006 Amarantine is Enya's first album in almost half a decade. The twelve tracks seem to pick up straight from where the last effort left off and fit comfortably within her past work. More

Three decades now into roller-coaster career that's seen her earn multiple platinum discs and rack up a bunch of number ones, Souls Alike proves that Bonnie Raitt still has a few tricks up her sleeve. More

Although just four albums might not seem deep enough to warrant a retrospective best of collection, Collected effortlessly reminds one why Massive Attack was among the most innovative and influential groups of its generation. More

With a band like Queensryche ~ whose niche fans are so heavily invested in their music ~ coming up with a single greatest hits CD that'll please everybody is impossible, but The Essential has come about as close as you can reasonably expect them to. More

Mesmerizing females across the country with his stylish dance moves and adorable baby face, it’s reasonable to wonder if Chris Brown's self-titled debut actually carries any weight. More

March 2006 To give credit where it’s due, this is one of the better releases we’ll see all year. 1#s Rock tries hard to live up to it’s hype, as the cover proudly proclaims 33 Of The Greatest Rock Anthems Of All Time! More

As they proved on that breakthrough album, Train excel at crafting songs that loom large without losing sight of the little things. More

The straight-up Top 40 orientation makes Wild 2 Nite a great retrospective. Maybe you're having trouble remembering that hit you heard in a club recently? Get this collection, and worry no more. More

If you’re asking why INXS released this, it’s obvious that this album was a chance to say hey to the old fans and get new ones. And, despite the odds, it's not bad at all. More

The follow up to Ocean Avenue their platinum selling debut, Lights and Sounds finds the Yellowcard moving away from songs about love and girlfriend breakups, and onto more expansive themes that’s more likely to be found on a Green Day record. More

February 2006 O sounds like an album that could win Damien Rice a lot of new fans, especially with those whose record collections go way back. More

Canadian Daniel Powter is a superstar in the making, churning out the same sort of romantic and life-affirming pop anthems More

All That I Am is far from Carlos Santana’s best work, but if you liked Supernatural, you’ll want to get yourself a copy of this one as well. More

Mattafix have been making circles in that music community ever since their first single Big City Life hit the record shops last year, and after listening to their album it’s easy to understand why. More

Shakira's successes continued to mount into 2006 with the release of Oral Fixation, Vol. 2. More

January 2006 If you're just looking for just a compilation of the ballads of the Bee Gees in one place, you’re looking in the right place. More

This Dire Straits Grestest Hits collection is pretty much the type of CD you expect to be marketed on late night TV, with just the recognizable chart songs with mediocre tracks thrown in. More

Get Behind Me Satan is The White Stripes' latest effort and at first listen it sounds even more bizarre than the predecessor. More

Listening to the Get Rich or Die Tryin’ soundtrack is basically like listening to another 50 Cent album with a bunch of guest appearances from rappers in the G-Unit. More

Curtain Call is Eminem's fifth release and the first to compile all his biggest singles in one place. His fourth straight debut at # 1 in the US, with 17 tracks you get your money’s worth. More

December 2005 Spanning thirty-six tracks over the course of two CDs, Anthology this new release is by far the most comprehensive Bryan Adams greatest hits ever released. More

Happy Monday is treasure chest of a whole bunch of classic tracks, guaranteed to give you an unlimited hour of wonderful memories. More

The thirteen tracks on the Pussycat Dolls debut album are smartly down pop mixed with today’s R&B sensibilities, and surprisingly, pleasing to the ear. More

Playing The Angel is the eleventh studio effort by Depeche Mode, and it’s not the kind of album a twenty-five year old band is supposed to make. More

Sean Paul's new album can't replicate the novelty of Dutty Rock, but otherwise, this is an impressively more mature and laboured-over album. More

November 2005 Def Leppard is less of a band and more of a religion to their millions of fans. Rock of Ages: The Definitive Collection (as it’s rightly called) has a cool thirty-five track listing spread across two CDs. More

There have been several Supertramp ‘best of’ compilations in the recent past. This latest compilation Retrospectacle: The Supertramp Anthology covers all of the band’s bases and stands head and shoulders above the rest. More

Simply titled Life, Ricky Martin's new album is the most eclectic cross-cultural work to date More

Bon Jovi's new album Have A Nice Day is worth a listen, but if you're a long time Bon Jovi fan, you don’t have plenty to smile about. More

Mixing Coldplay’s aesthetics with Radiohead’s pop sensibility, Starsailor’s latest release On The Outside finds them in pretty much the same place as before, but with much weaker production values. More

October 2005 Chaos & Creation In The Backyard shows that Paul McCartney is in a late-career creative peak. It’s a quiet disc with complicated emotional shadings and finds McCartney far more comfortable with his own musical past than ever before. More

The original Treasures compilation set the standard head and shoulders above many of the collections that were released in its wake, and it’s a pretty tough act to beat. But Treasures 2 manages to do that. More

Recorded in Germany during the band's 2003 Dance Of Death tour, the two-disc Death On The Road deviates little from Iron Maiden's countless other live albums. More

Shaggy's latest release, Clothes Drop makes it abundantly clear; Shaggy is a guy who knows what he’s good at and doesn't care about much else. More

This CD has a lot more good material than bad, and suggests that on her next album, a focused direction into reggae dancehall could transform Rihanna from an inconsistent performer to possibly a more interesting one. More

September 2005 Eric Clapton's new album Back Home is a departure from 2001’s Reptile, which saw Clapton toying with contemporary pop and jazz and returns to his older tradition, providing a helping of excellently produced songs, some tasteful guitar solos and even a myriad of guest appearances to boot. More

Here's the setup: 19 songs that made an impact on the charts make their way onto one compilation - Best of 2005. And as the title promises, it does deliver. More

Missy Elliott's sixth release The Cookbook plows right over any preconceived notion you may have about the current hip hop scene, as it seamlessly fuses hyper-kinetic R&B, pop and hip hop with its delirious passages of electro-inspired salacious rhyme schemes. More

Jay-Z and Linkin Park's Collision Course features six studio cuts, was masterfully produced by Linkin Park's Mike Shinoda. For the most part, the results are genuinely interesting. More

The thirteen tracks are mediocre at best, and not what one would expect from a promising artist as Susheela Raman. More

August 2005 John Legend's debut Get Lifted is a collection of thirteen songs attempting to redefine the sound of the ‘70s without losing sight of the fact that we’re now firmly in the twenty-first century. More

For his solo debut Rob Thomas lost some weight and a whole lot of hair but the hooks, melodies and lyrics are still firmly in place. As the slow-burning but quick-engulfing power of his first single Lonely No More proved, the man is back. More

It is 2005 and The Offspring are one more act to put out a collection of their biggest hits in one place, on one CD. More

The asymmetrical hair is no more. The pout has been replaced by a smile and it appears that Natalie Imbruglia is settling into a more grown-up, less manufactured image. More

On the much-anticipated (by people below a certain height and age limit obviously) Lindsay Lohan debut, the music sounds warmed over, as do the lyrics. More

July 2005 In an era of diminished and pseudo rock gods, it might be time for the old hands, like Audioslave, to show the new kids how it is all really done. More

Tank, Asian Dub Foundation's first new studio album since 2003’s Enemy Of The Enemy is another testament to their intensity, rage and very vocal response to a world at war. More

With the track Somebody Told Me The Killers have ensured that they will atleast own a small footnote in pop history because of the mix of those lyrics wrapped with that unforgettably catchy hook. More

If a compilation album is truly expected to generate more visibility and potential sales for artists whose albums might not immediately be considered worth purchasing, it is very important for a compilation to engage the listener. Too many songs on Breaking Hits do not do that. More

Geri Halliwell’s latest studio album Passion offers up a title track which features a string section supporting her in a jazz-like arrangement. It might seem like reason to sit up and take notice but by the time the track Desire unfurls, this has turned into a straight-out dance pop record.More

June 2005 Recorded after extended sessions in New York City, Chicago, and London – Coldplay's new album once again comes up with the goods, and it’s just gone to number one on the UK charts. More

Anthems - 16 All Time Rock Hits is an excellent collection of those old anthems that you used to live by…and now we can call them classics. More

2005's Human After All, is the latest studio effort from the highly creative French DJ duo of Thomas Bangalter and Guy Manuel de Homem-Christo, who call themselves Daft Punk. Recorded over a brief six-week period late last year, it’s another concept album from the boys; More

Still recording new and original material, Engelbert Humperdinck occasionally returns to record covers from the music scene of the early 70’s to the late 90’s. The content of his latest one Let There Be Love is one such project. More

There is no denying: the Gorillaz are innovative and infinitely cool. With Danger Mouse at the helm of production, singer Damon Albarn cuts loose and the new release Demon Days is a wistful album. More

May 2005 Mariah Carey has seemingly wholly redeemed herself on her 13th release, The Emancipation of Mimi. This new album is the album she’s been struggling the last few years to make and it proves to be the one most worth waiting for. More

Ladies and gentlemen, Will Smith is back. With his 9th studio album Lost & Found, the Fresh Prince once again proves that he can rap with the best of them. More

The Darkness takes us through some of the most outrageously, bizarre metal nonsense to come down the pike on the band’s latest effort – Permission To Land. Released originally in the UK in 2003, it’s finally found its way to our Indian shores – and its rocking good! More

If you're going to buy a sturdy compilation of hits from the recent rock scene, Rock 2005 probably is the one album to get. More

South London band Athlete returns from the moderate success of their debut Vehicles & Animals with another album of catchy well-written tunes on the follow up Tourist. More

April 2005 No Doubt singer Gwen Stefani's debut Love Angel Music Baby is chockablock with 80’s pop that just hits you right in the head. The album is a fairly logical progression for her if you consider the band's stylistic trajectory. More

Hotel is Moby's first album since 2002's dismal 18. The album pleases on first listen, and maybe even the second, for its commitment to leaving his 18 sound behind is a refreshing change. More

American Idiot turns out to be the smartest thing that Green Day has attempted yet, and I’m sure thanks to the fact that this won Best Rock Album at the 2005 Grammy Awards; you’ve probably heard extensively what it’s all about. More

2005 finds 50 Cent returning with The Massacre, his third official solo album. Backed by the production wizardry of Dr. Dre and Eminem among others, the rapper tries to deliver another jolting collection of gritty street anthems that he did in 2003. More

Alanis Morissette's latest release – So Called Chaos, sounds more confident and musically polished than its predecessor and the 10 tracks revel in her idiosyncrasies. More

March 2005 Completed just months before he passed away, Ray Charles final effort has finally hit Indian shores. Titled Genius Loves Company, the landmark CD is the man’s 250th recording effort, and Charles finds himself paired up with some of the biggest names in the music scene. More

Maroon 5's album Songs About Jane released way back in the summer of 2002. It’s taken three years and a Grammy Award for it to break to a larger audience. More

Second First Impression is the highly anticipated follow-up to Daniel Bedingfield's first massively successful release, and at first listen it won’t disappoint anybody. More

Welcome to the next phase in Jennifer Lopez's career – Rebirth. Working with the top songwriters and producers including her husband, Marc Anthony, the twelve tracks are steeped up with pop, hip-hop, Latin, funk and dance music. More

After a Best New Artist nomination and sharing the Grammy stage with Melissa Etheridge for a spellbinding tribute to Janis Joplin at this years awards, Joss Stone's album has gone straight back into the top ten this week. More

February 2005 There’s a certain joy in hearing U2 reunite for a new album. Even if they’ve been together for ten albums before their latest effort, How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb, they greet each other like old friends after a long war. More

The aptly titled 2005 Grammy Nominees provides a good snapshot of the music scene of the year gone by. More

While Dirty Vegas' debut was a neat and mesmerizing dance album and turned your living room into a dance floor in Ibiza - the follow up, surprisingly, is a new wave epic of soft rock. Titled One, love and desire is the primary subject in almost all of its ten songs. More

Creed's new Greatest Hits CD does a pretty good job of giving the fans something to cherish, although it falls a little short of the perfect compilation. More

Brian McFadden was part of the original Westlife line-up before he left the boy band last year in an attempt to kick start his own solo career. The result is his swan song debut – Irish Son. More

January 2005 Chronologically arranged, Number Ones is a new 19 song collection that cherry picks the Bee Gees biggest sellers.More

Kylie Minogue has never apologized for her pop sound, and she’s turned it up a notch once again with this new greatest hits package. Tantalizingly titled Ultimate Kylie, the album seems to truly live up to the name, with three decades of her hits all collected in one place. More

Robbie Williams has tried his hand at indie-rock, big band swing and even just plain old pop music…and with his Greatest Hits, he doesn’t disappoint with the goods. More

Essentially, Def Leppard's legacy rests on three albums, 1983's Pyromania, 1987's Hysteria and 1992’s Adrenalize. This new Best Of album is loaded with all of the feel good songs and great ballads from those releases, as well as selections from the outtakes collection Retro Active. More

This new Best Of compilation is Brit boy band Blue's swansong and they seem to be trying very hard to go out in a blaze of glory. The sixteen tracks here collect the cream of the four piece’s three studio albums and the other singles - nothing is left off. More

December 2004 John Lennon was one of those greatest rock & roll singers, and it's a pleasure to hear him sing this set of old tracks on this 2004 reissue of Rock & Roll, his solo album of cover songs reflecting the music that he loved growing up in the 1950s. More

Shania Twain's new album - Greatest Hits - is a career-spanning retrospective that collects her catchiest and most-popular tunes; and it doesn't skimp in either the hits or its actual length. With 21 tracks, it's a jam-packed treasure trove of platinum baubles and golden nuggets that's sure to make your feet tap along and your head bob agreeably. More

The soundtrack to the 2004 sequel, Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason , like the original, features both bitter and sweet love songs. But it has a much stronger track listing going for it this time. More

Titled Live Licks, this 23 track, five-decade-spanning anthology is filled with lots of really well-chosen stuff we've never heard The Rolling Stones do live. More

This time around, Destiny's Child reveal a more mature, sensual side. But after a first listen, the twelve tracks seem mediocre as there seems to be no real direction or real concept on this album at all. More

November2004 Six years late, Bryan Adams finally returned this month; with that brand new album he’s been promising for years. And it’s looking good! Titled Room Service – the album was largely recorded in hotel rooms and backstage whilst on tour across Europe, over the past two years. More

2003 saw Duran Duran celebrated their 25th anniversary and the reunion of the five founding band members with a run of tremendously successful sold out shows. They went back into the studio last year and the end result is - Astronaut - their first new album together since 1983. More

The Very Best Of MTV Unplugged Volume 3 brings together seventeen of the top bands and musicians of our time – and even proudly boasts of ten previously incredible unreleased musical performances. More

Meet Denmark’s latest musical import - C21. They’re a bunch of supposedly smart looking boys, singing pop songs aimed at 11-19 year old girls. Sound familiar, doesn’t it? More

October 2004 Shangri La is Mark Knopfler’s fourth solo release (and his first since a very serious motorcycle accident in March 2003) and it finds the Dire Straits front man in terrific form. More

If you want to discover the earliest rumblings of reggae to today's top skasters - The Original Reggae & Ska Album is the right album to look into.More

Ashlee Simpson's debut album is simple - fun, easy to follow lyrics, and enjoyable bubblegum rock. One listen to the lead single Pieces Of Me and the reason why it was chosen as the lead single is understandable, since it’s easily the most radio-friendly song on here. More

Probably one of the most recognized dance groups in the 90's, for those to young to remember - 2 Unlimited was an awesome techno/eurodance group that started up in 1991. Their contribution to world-wide dance culture was big, and this new Greatest Hits seems to show us how. More

On their latest effort Tyrannosaurus Hives, Swedes The Hives they once again employ all the standard tricks of teen pop–catchy, shoutalong choruses and goofy noms-de-pop in service of their highly commercial musical bird-flip. More

September 2004 This could be the mother of all tributes to the era of Charlie’s Angels, Nintendo, and the walkman! Three CDs, 54 hit songs, from classic 70’s rock to 80’s Pop - The Rock Box is as good as it gets.More

Titled My Own Best Enemy – the album arrives in the midst of pop icon Richard Marx's thriving career as a producer and songwriter, and in particular his Song of the Year Grammy with Luther Vandross for 'Dance With My Father'. More

In 2002 that Guns N' Roses survivors Slash, Duff Mckagan and Matt Sorum formed a band called Velvet Revolver with Stone Temple Pilot Scott Weiland and ex-Danzig and Wasted Youth guitarist Dave Kushner, and two years later Contraband is their debut. More

Heaven Can Wait… The Best of Meat Loaf features 11 of Meat Loaf’s best known songs, including live versions of 'Bat Out Of Hell', 'Midnight At The Lost & Found', 'Heaven Can Wait' and 'All Revved Up'. But if fails to deliver – and miserably! More

If you believe the hype that’s going around, Usher is the new R&B sensation of the year. Buoyed by the runaway success of its first single, the infectious dance hit 'Yeah!', Confessions debuted at the top of the Billboard 200 album chart. But the album compared to his last effort – fails to deliver. More

August 2004 Keane is the hottest new band to emerge so far in 2004, their debut Hopes And Fears went straight in at number one on the UK charts. Hotly tipped for success with their particular brand of piano rock that brought them a Top 3 chart position with 'Somewhere Only We Know', the album does live up to the predicted high standard. More

Musicology is the name of Prince's latest effort – and at first listen it sounds pretty good. Lean and minimal but with pronounced airtight grooves, the musician once again fuses the spiritual with the carnal, but has turned down the heat quite a bit since becoming a Jehovah's Witness. More

Hanson is back with their third studio album Underneath. It finds the Oklahoma siblings trying to put away the bubbly bubblegum pop of their youth for a more mature sound. More

Named after the Austrian archduke whose assassination triggered the First World War, Franz Ferdinand are four young Glaswegians who play likeable art-rock and who’ve managed to generate their fair share of hyperbole and myth in recent months thanks to their quirky music videos. More

If a fusion compilation is executed poorly, it sounds like pretentious pompous pap. Which thankfully is not the case here. Voyage 3 is the latest to hit the music shelves this month, and so far it’s pretty good. More

July 2004 Reaching deep into its cavernous vaults, EMI music has extracted a rich bountiful of moody and sentimental jazz. Nicely packaged with a nostalgic feel - Now That's What I Call Jazz - contains nearly 40 songs guaranteed to set a distinctly low-keyed mood, equal parts sultry and sad. More

#1s (37 Of The Greatest #1 Singles of All Time) is a funky tongue in cheek compilation with some really cool music you probably won't find anywhere else. If you love the music of the 1970's right upto the funky 00's, then look no further. More

Not many singers can get the likes of Eric Clapton, Keith Richards, Bonnie Raitt, Willie Nelson, and Jeff Beck to sing with in their career, let alone one album. But on Toots and the Maytals True Love they all make an appearance. More

If you want to know what the “In” compilation in Hard Rock this year - you need not venture further than this compilation called Guitar AnthemsMore

The Beastie Boys put out their first new album in more than six years and To The 5 Boroughs seems to continue into that newly focused old school hip-hop direction that their last album took. More

June 2004 It seems like only yesterday to us, that John Lennon was shot dead and Ozzy Osbourne bit the head off a bat. But it's been long enough to inspire this compilation - Rock Reunion - on recalling the tunes that made us want to rebel against our parents and the school system while growing up.More

The music of the 60's and 70's holds a special memory for those of us who grew up with it - thanks to our parents. It was music you could sing along with, music you could dance to, music you fell in love with. Beautiful Sunday brings you more of that music you love. More

Joe Satriani is the man who single-handedly created the market for instrumental rock guitarists. His earlier efforts like Surfing With The Alien and Flying In A Blue Dream are considered by guitar acolytes to be two of the best instrumental albums of all time. And we tend to agree with them. More

On his seventh studio album – Baptism - Lenny Kravitz man once again finds himself immersed in personal conflicts, most notably the need for spiritual connection in the midst of the hollow rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle that surrounds him. More

The D 12 boys are back in town again – and D12 World is the name of their latest effort. More

May 2004 The soundtrack of The Passion of The Christ is a tale in itself - that will take listeners on a moving, haunting story of Christ's journey right upto his death. Crafted by the same man with a commendable soundtrack making record under his belt, John Debney surprises people for scoring Passion Of Christ to follow his light-hearted musical scoring in Jim Carey's Liar Liar. More

The imaginatively titled follow up to Universal Music’s Signatures album - Treasures (18 Priceless Gems) is one of those compilations that is sure to have you going "Oh my God, remember this one" throughout its seventy five minute journey of easy listening chart hits. More

Another love songs compilation from EMI. But unlike its predecessor Power Ballads this compilation called Loving You seems to have included a few hit songs from the 70's to the mid 90's - and lots of recent acts as well. More

With their first new album in four years – Aerosmith have gone and reached back to the roots of rock ‘n’ roll with their latest one. Steeped in the blues tradition - Honkin’ on Bobo - is a loud, sweat soaked album - fully fueled with guitar layers, pounding rhythms and Tyler's trademark over-the-top vocals. More

For a sampling of what’s great during the new British wave of alternative music (circa 1999-2003 for a majority of these tracks), The Alternative Album (Red Cover) is a great collection.More

April2004 It may surprise some to realize that Guns N’ Roses released only four full-length original albums, and two of those debuted simultaneously. But they were enough to forever change rock ‘n’ roll. Even more shocking is that one of the great bands in rock history, with its last studio album issued more than 12 years ago, has never had a ‘best of" compilation. More

It's been a while since we heard anything new from Lionel Richie. The man exploded into one of the biggest stars of the '80s, and then enigmatically disappeared from the music business for nearly a decade. In an effort to either establish new glories or maybe just make a buck to pay for his much publicised hefty divorce settlement, Lionel’s back in 2004 and looking in pretty good shape for a 53 year old. More

On her eighth studio album - Damita Jo - (the title’s lifted from her middle name) Janet Jackson once again teams up with Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis on what is perhaps one of her better efforts since she went all pop on the last one. And one thing is for sure - the innocent Janet of the 1980’s is gone for good.More

Courtney Love one of rock music’s biggest female icons. And she’s been living on the edge for quite awhile now. America's Sweetheart is the name of her first solo effort and it’s not bad at the first listen. More

Fountains Of Wayne's 1996 self-titled collection featured 12 brittle songs that were occasionally sweet and poetic about pop music and it did pretty well for itself. And now after a four-year hiatus since their last effort - the New York-based power-pop quartet returns with their third effort - Welcome Interstate Managers - and it’s full of cheesy songs. More

March 2004 Travis's breakthrough album The Man Who not only topped the album charts in 1999 at the height of bubblegum pop, but became one of the major successes of the year. That paved the new wave for acoustic rock bands to conquer the top 40, with Coldplay and Starsailor as the most successful challengers to the chart dominance of Robbie Williams and Kylie Minogue. Those who discovered Travis through the infectious songs of its breakthrough and its follow-up The Invisible Band may be taken aback by the Scottish group’s newest offering. More

Earlier last year, Room 5 gave the UK charts an out and out funky house anthem with their Music & You that stood proudly at No.1 for 4 consecutive weeks. Its slick soul vocals (courtesy of Oliver Cheatham) and simple, but devastating production from mastermind Vito Lucente (aka Junior Jack) proved an irresistible mix to club goers and DJs alike. Their debut album - Music & You - is just as infectiously catchy. And I’ll let you in on as to why it works. More

In the space of a single year, Gareth Gates turned into one of the UK's biggest ever teen idols. It's one thing to sing a couple of covers for your debut, but by the second album you would expect to see something fresh and upbeat. On his latest offering Go Your Own Way he suffers the same faults as Westlife have had over the years. More

Kelis released her debut album Kaleidoscope as early as 1999 - and while the album didn't generate much attention as a whole, the lead single Caught Out There sure managed to do exactly that. Her latest release is titled Tasty and the album’s first single Milkshake became a big hit peaking at #3 in Billboard's Hot 100 and landed Kelis a No#2 spot on the UK charts. More

Busted -the biggest joke in music returns, much to my annoyance. I wish they would just go away for good. For these boys are not a rock band and never will be – nor are they are pop-punk or pop-rock - just teeny pop, and not good pop music at that.The new album A Present For Everyone is much worse than their last effort - and that was pure rubbish. More

February 2004 There is really nothing more I could say about another love songs compilation - it's all been said before. But I will say this: to have all these songs in one place is something that is long overdue. For unlike most compilations this one doesn’t have a defined area that the songs are plucked from. In keeping with the title, Beautiful As Always aims to captures pop music at its beautiful moments. More

In 1999, on the heels of Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera, Mandy Moore released her debut pop album of paint-by-numbers dance tracks and sickeningly sweet ballads. Its success paled in comparison to her pop counterparts, but it performed well enough to sell over a million units. So you’d expect her new release to sound exactly like the new Britney album – but surprise, surprise – it doesn’t. More

Pink attacked the music scene with her urban-laced attitude-driven debut Can't Take Me Home in 2000. after the massive success of her last album Missundaztood, Pink must have been feeling the pressure to follow it up with something innovative and original, and she makes the effort on this one. More

After a string of successful singles in Jamaica, Europe and big appearances in the US, Sean Paul finally found his way to shores here Dutty Rock is his latest offering - full of variations on traditional reggae music. More

18 hit singles all on one album? The second volume of last year’s incredibly successful album Number 1’s is here and it’s as jammed-packed as the first one was. There are, however, a few more bad tracks than usual mingled in with the good ones to try and fool us, but we're not easily fooled. More

January 2004 After releasing two great studio albums (Parachutes and A Rush of Blood to the Head), winning two Grammy Awards in 2003 - and being nominated for the Record Of The Year for the 2004 awards –at the moment Coldplay front man Chris Martin and his boys are on top of the world. More

2003 was a banner year for 26 year-old singer/songwriter John Mayer. For the Connecticut native racked up a Grammy award and critical acclaim and his creative song writing and warm stage presence established him as a formidable musical force to watch out for. More

A couple of years back, Blue’s first single All Rise announced a new talent, a British band that could genuinely take on the Robbie Williams and Britney Spears of this world and come out on top. The album that followed won plaudits galore, topped the charts and built the platform perfectly for... well, for what? More

After their much hyped and dismal Greatest Hits, if you thought this new album would be the turning point in Westlife's career…sadly you will be unimpressed. More

Limpbizkit became the hottest commodity in the rap-hardcore scene with their 2000 release Chocolate Starfish & The Hotdog Flavoured Water and followed it up with an even bigger smash-2001's remix album -New Old Songs. And with hit after hit at the top of sales charts, modern rock charts, and video playlists; and garnering a huge fan base along the way; …Limp Bizkit seemed to be unstoppable.More


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