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Yup. Creed, the band that came up with 'Higher' and 'One Last Breath', has burnt out after selling 30 million copies worldwide. But from the ashes a new player in the rock arena has risen: Alter Bridge.

Creed, out!
During its reign, Creed earned millions of fans worldwide. It took just ten years and three albums for the band to achieve immense honour with regards to their music as well as the depth of the lyrics. Two of Creed’s albums topped the charts. Even in India, at any given gig when a local band covers My Sacrifice, the crowd goes mad. But all good things bite the dust sooner or later. If you ask Scott Stapp (Creed’s front-man) about the break up, he’ll reply that Creed’s separation was quite friendly, and guitarist Mark Tremonti, the man to get Alter Bridge together, will agree. The guys worked together for ten years and found a point where their musical interests separated. So, this split wasn’t anything like Jason Newstead and Metallica, and the door is still open on both sides. While Scott wrote and performed a brilliant song for The Passion Of The Christ movie, Mark got the wheels together under Alter Bridge, gradually.
After the break-up, Mark and drummer Scott Philips jammed for quite a while and realized the parallels in their musical directions. They decided to go out there and do something about it. The first on their ‘to do’ list was to call old bassist pal Brian Marshall and tell him about their plans. Evidently, Marshall reckoned something big coming his way by the tone of mark’s voice and he joined Alter Bridge immediately. The next on the list was the search for a vocalist and it didn’t begin until late 2003.
Since there weren’t any deadlines, Mark decided to take his time to search for the best rock and roll vocalist. Almost instantly the name of Myles Kennedy surfaced. Myles was formerly from a Washington band called The Mayfield Four, which had opened a gig for Creed in 1998. A critic once described The Mayfield Four as an outburst brimmed with poignant and passionate songs that burn with nuclear intensity. Post a couple of jamming sessions; Mark and others knew that their search had ended. The passion in Myles’ voice and the humbleness in his personality clicked big time. Thus, One Day Remains’ the debut release of Alter Bridge marked the return of Mark Tremonti with his band members from Creed: Scott Philips and Brian Marshall along with the passionate singer and second guitarist, Myles Kennedy. Prior to the call from Mark, Myles was working on a solo project in Spokane.

Bridge? What bridge?
The lanes, which Mark walked in his memories, often led him to a long-standing bridge. This bridge is located near his childhood home in Detroit, and it was the boundary that marked the end of children’s playground. Since the land beyond the bridge was branded as uncharted, it epitomized the choice and the unknown for Tremonti. It answers all the questions behind Alter Bridge’s concept.
While Mark has been there and done that with his band mates as Creed, they’re now ready for the unknown future’s surprises as Alter Bridge. They’re turning a new page in their lives. Tremonti has quoted in the band’s website, “It’s a new road ahead of us, but the essence of this band is organic and honest rock n’ roll. The music is driven by melody and instrumentation. It is all about fun, and if it weren’t, I doubt any of us would be committed to the new band to the level that we are.” As a bizarre preparation ritual to involve Myles into the act, the members took a 300 foot bungee-jumping plunge off the ledge, a representation of where they’re going with their new direction. And now, they’re looking forward to get perspective filled with fun, excitement and pure good music. Myles has fallen in like a jigsaw piece that completes the picture.

You can read the rest of our feature on Alter Bridge in the September 2004 issue of The Record Music Magazine available at your local newsagent.

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