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Ashlee Simpson
The wave of new artists spilling onto the music scene is phenomenal. Every month a new artist is introduced who makes an impact and then vanishes. But hereís a newcomer whoís got everything to make it in the competitive world of pop music. The Record chats with the fresh princess of pop, about her life, her career and her music.

The Record: Youíre a dancer, actress and now a singer. Was dancing the first thing you got into?
Ashlee Simpson: I started dancing when I was three years old and I did it professionally for a little while. After I finished dancing, I wanted to be an actress. And so, I came back to LA and started acting.

TR: Did you ever have any other aspirations?

AS: I never really wanted to do anything else. I always loved singing and dancing and acting. I just love to perform.

TR: What is it about rock and roll that you like?
AS: Rock music gives you the freedom to express yourself, and I love that. There are no boundaries. You can be whatever you want. You can wear what you want to wear and you can say what you want to say and I love that about rock.

TR: You danced with your sister before starting your career. Did you learn anything from her?
AS: I definitely learned a lot from my sister. Watching her do everything that Iím kind of going through now, but in a different way. Sheís always been really true to herself and those are the kind of things that Iíve looked up to her for. I think musically, Jessica and I are very different and we kind of have different tastes in music, but, personality wise, I really like to look up to her.

TR: Are you and your sister competitive?
AS: Jessica and I really arenít like competitors. I think that weíve never really been competitive.

TR: Tell us about your debut album ĎAutobiographyí.
AS: Itís basically an album about what and where my life has been since I was young.

TR: Can you tell us the main songs on the album and their take on you.
AS: Itís definitely a rock album. I just wanted to go in and make a record and not worry about what genre it would be. I went in to have a good time and I did. Itís a rock record, with a cool edge to it. ĎPieces of meí is the first single and is a full-throttle rocker because itís a feel good song, itís easy to listen to and every time I perform it or listen to it or whatever, itís just like, it just feels good. I wrote it when I was seeing this guy. Another song, ĎLa Laí is flirty and very sexy. Itís very tongue in cheek; it can be interpreted in all different ways. Itís about sexual fantasies. Thereís a lot of sarcasm in that song. Itís something every girl thinks about, so I decided to make a joke about it. Itís one of the songs you can dance around to. Actually, I wrote it because I was singing la la and it was kind of a little dance that I was doing around the room. I didnít have a song on my record that was like sexy. So I thought, Iím a girl and Iím feminine and I can be sexy, so here it goes. (Laughter)

You can read the rest of our feature on Ashlee Simpson in the September 2004 issue of The Record Music Magazine available at your local newsagent.

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