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23 year old Jamelia is undeniably the hottest female star to come from the UK this year. With a Mercury prize nominated album, a lovely daughter, and her hit song Superstar destined to become a classic, it seems like she really has it all. In a phone interview, Jamelia talks exclusively to The Record about her second shot at success, motherhood and more.

The experience of performing at Party In The Park in London this year was amazing…
There were a 100,000 people there and it was one of the most amazing experiences ever. I also got to meet Prince Charles. It was an absolutely fantastic day for me and to get that great response from the crowd…it was just brilliant.

I feel like I’m living in a dream world at the moment…
I’m just very happy. So many amazing things are happening with the album for me. It’s been nominated for the Mercury prize and that’s such an honour. I think it’s a good album. If it was someone else’s album I’d buy it. And I’m very proud that it’s my album and I’m just glad that everyone is enthusiastic about it and I feel very very fortunate.

'Superstar' and 'Thank You' are both female oriented songs…
Girls respond a lot to 'Superstar' because it’s a very fun loving song. But also 'Thank You', I think is aimed at everyone who’s been in an adverse situation at sometime or another. It’s meant to be an inspiration. The song has a dark theme lyrically but it doesn’t sound depressing, the music is uplifting. That’s how I meant the song to be, I want people to be inspired by it, give a kind of ray of hope.

Working with Chris Martin from Coldplay was amazing…
We wrote my current single 'See It In A Boy’s Eyes' together and it was such an amazing experience! He called up my record label and said he was a fan of mine and would like to work with me, which really surprised me, being from the genre of music that he is. But it was great fun working with him and I felt very honoured to be in his presence. How we worked is he played the piano, I was beside him and I sang and that’s how we came up with the ideas and things. It was a very organic way to work, very different, but much fun.

My success hasn’t come overnight…
In the beginning of my career, I had a couple of singles that didn’t really work, then I put out one that did work but shortly after that I got pregnant, so there had been quite a few, as they say, “false starts”. But this time I’m just sprinting all the way to the Olympic line and that’s it!

The one thing that surprised me most about fame is…
The way that people change. If anyone was to change, I’d expect it to be me but I think a lot of people around me changed. It is part of the learning curve, I’ve learned a lot about people and about their perceptions of you and your success…

I still don’t think I’ve “made it” or “arrived” or whatever…
To be quite honest, it’s hard to get to that point. I do feel like I’ve started to enjoy this, and achieved a lot more than a couple of years ago but I still get a feeling – and I’m glad – I never ever want to get to that point where I feel as if I’ve “made it”. Because once you get complacent there’s nothing left for you to aim towards.

Being a mother has definitely made me think about the lyrics I write…
Every single song on my album is positive, there’s no song about being down and out, you know, the “can’t live anymore” type. I definitely have a much more positive attitude now when it comes to writing my songs.

You can read the rest of our exclusive with Jamelia in the September 2004 issue of The Record Music Magazine available at your local newsagent.

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