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Jay Sean
This 22 year old musician came to the forefront as part of The Rishi Rich Project and since then thereís been no looking back. As he gets ready to take centre stage with his first solo album, The Record talks exclusively to Jay Sean.

The Record: Tell us about the new album.
Jay Sean: The new album is my one and half year project. Thatís what it is! This has been my heart and soul. Iíve been working on it ever since Iíve met Rishi. And in and around it thereís been so much madness that itís kind of caused a delay as to when it would come out because we went over to India, Dubai, Australia, Canada and all over the place. It was so unexpected and it was all because of 'Dance With You (Nachna Tere Naal)'. So Iím very happy that itís finally done and that itís going to be out soon. The album in itself is a true and honest reflection of me as an artist, singer and person in terms of what Iím talking about, how Iím singing it and the vibe of the whole album.

TR: How many songs are on the album?
Jay: There are 13 songs and perhaps 2 bonus tracks. One of them is called 'Who Is Kamaljit?' (It is related to) the song 'Me Against Myself' which is a verbal battle between two personalities - my singing side and my rapping side. On that song, because it was a battle, it was no holds barred. So the rapper was going at the singer saying ĎYouíre fake Ďcause Jay Sean ainít even your name!í And heís saying ĎWhat is your name?í So the second song that came about is a sequel to 'Me Against Myself' and itís called 'Who Is Kamaljit?' and itís about me and what I really am and about the myths of the music industry and what people think youíre like. So itís a true reflection. And thereís another bonus track called 'Meri Jaan' which is a song that I wrote and itís got Juggy D on it.

TR: Will there be any special Asian editions?
Jay: Actually having said that, yeah we probably will (have one). Iíve got a song called 'Aa Ja Na ' that I originally wrote and vocalled myself but on Juggyís album we put Veronica on it with that version. So perhaps on my album we can put a version with me and Juggy on it.

TR: How has your first single 'Eyes On You' been received in the UK?
Jay: You know what, Iíve been so happy with the reception of 'Eyes On You' because itís my first solo single and thatís a scary thing you know! But it got into number 6 in the national charts and I was very happy because itís not easy in the UK to break as an artist, let alone as an Asian artist. So to get to number 6 to me was a big deal and it stayed in the top 40 for 9 weeks.

TR: Are your videos important in making a statement about you?
Jay: I write the scripts for the videos myself because I need people to understand what Asian culture in the UK is really like. Nobody else would know apart from us because weíre the ones who live it. The problem in the UK is everybody has these stereotypes about what Asian people are like. They think that all they do is own cornershops, all they do is make great lawyers, doctors, engineers, and they donít realise that weíre just the same as everyone else! We go partying in the night time, we go out with girls, we go out for drinks with our friendsÖwe do all that kind of stuff that everybody else does. But itís not fairly represented on TV. So when I make my videos I want to make sure that people see that this is our life and this is what we do.
For the 'Eyes On You' video I wanted to shoot in Southhall which is Little India for us, where all the Asian population is concentrated. Everyone knows Southhall. I wanted to put it on the map and have people see what itís all about.

You can read the rest of our exclusive with Jay Sean in the September 2004 issue of The Record Music Magazine available at your local newsagent.

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