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The Rasmus
It took nine years and four albums for the world to notice Finnish rockers The Rasmus. Now the band is a household name and their brand of melodic goth-rock is sweeping the charts everywhere. The Record talks exclusively with bassist Eero about their super single In The Shadows, Finnish weather and why the lead singer wears bird feathers in his hair.

The Record: What does the ĎRasmusí mean?
Eero: Rasmus is a name for a boy in Scandinavia and we actually chose that name just by accident because we were very young when we started and we didnít think of the name so much at the time.

TR: Where are you touring right now?
Eero: Weíre going to Switzerland and then Turkey. We even had some plans to go to India but it seems like itís not going to happen in this month. Weíre going to come in January.

TR: We look forward to seeing you.
Eero: I had a friend who was in Bangalore and he said that he saw our video on the TV and it was very surprising that it was there. I also heard that the album has been selling very well. Iím really happy because I like India very much Ė Iíve been there three times. I visited Delhi, Mumbai and also Ganpatiphule. I practise Sahaja yoga and there was a seminar by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi in India so thatís how I came there.

TR: Do you have a favourite song off the album?
Eero: My favourite song is 'Still Standing' which is number three on the album. Itís my favourite to play live and itís very deep because itís actually about this one friend of ours who died some years ago and itís about our memories of this person.

TR: Does writing about these personal issues make them easier to deal with?
Eero: Lauri has said many times that itís like therapy for him when he writes about these things and it makes him feel better and sometimes some fans come to him and say, ĎOh I find myself in this song so muchí and thatís really nice.

TR: What has been the most important song for you?
Eero: I think at least commercially itís 'In The Shadows' because itís played so much. When we play live, we try to play songs from all the albums, itís like a retrospective. Itís healthy for us because weíve been playing together for 10 years and itís like we have a lot of history so itís nice.

TR: The video for 'In The Shadows' is great. Tell us about it.
Eero: This video was made in Romania and the director is German and he had this idea of this girl who is living in a haunted house and then the band plays there. Itís a good rock video I think. Usually when we get the scripts from directors we go through them and try to find the best one and then also have discussions with the director and how to make it better and so on.

TR: Do you change your songs around a bit when playing live?
Eero: We try to keep the set quite similar normally. But I was just thinking that if we come down to India we should definitely get hold of some people who play Indian instruments like the tabla, or sitar and then be guests on the concert. It would be really nice.

TR: Whatís the strangest place in which youíve played your music?
Eero: Thereís a lot of funny places but one time we were asked to play in a kindergarten. We just had to say we couldnít. I think our music is to be played loud and it wonít fit so well. [Laughs]

You can read the rest of our exclusive with The Rasmus in the September 2004 issue of The Record Music Magazine available at your local newsagent.

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