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The Rock Box - Various Artists - EMI This could be the mother of all tributes to the era of Charlies Angels, Nintendo, and the walkman! Three CDs, 54 hit songs, from classic 70s rock to 80s Pop - this is as good as it gets. Got to hand it to the folks at EMI records - they really know how to get these things going.

The recent rock compilations that flooded the market seems to recycle the same tracks over and over again trust me, if I see Queens 'We Will Rock You' on one more compilation - Ill probably scream my lungs out. This compilation, thankfully seems to treat itself as a cultural and historical document, and thus strives to present a broad overview of the rock era, not just musically, but culturally as well. As a result, lots of great acts with some great songs that are just waiting to be discovered. Seventies rebel rousers Bryan Ferry, Pat Benator, Dr. Feelgood and The Knack are to the Rock music as the Bee Gees were to Disco. And theyre all here. Sure, some of this stuff on here is pre-MTV, buts its great enough to set your house on fire. Throw in some of the 80s finest moments from Mike & The Mechanics with their runaway hit 'All I Need Is A Miracle' to Huey Lewis & The News singing about 'The Power Of Love' (which of course topped the US charts for 7 weeks as it was the theme song to the hit sci-fi movie Back To The Future) the Rock Box will just leave you wanting more at the end of it and probably spur you on to buy a couple of these artists albums individually.

A three album set may seem a big investment to many - so the point is, what will you get buying this box set? Well for one thing - many one hit wonders that will keep you remembering that time and asking yourself Oh my God, this is the name of that song? Plus The Rock Box is a steal at the price its being offered at so what else do you need to know?

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