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Best of 2005 - Various Artists - Universal Music This one runs through the songs that were popular throughout the spring and early summer of 2005, and for a pop music lover itís an ear-candy orgy thatís second to none. A quick glance at a similar volume released the same time last year shows how some of the biggest hits on this new one are in the same vein of that compilation.

Here's the setup: 19 songs that made an impact on the charts make their way onto one compilation - Best of 2005. And as the title promises, it does deliver. It may have taken nearly five years for the return of the Backstreet Boys, but they came back with one of the biggest hits of 2005 - Nevergone - and it's here on the track listing. Dirty pop from Mariah Carey (Itís Like That), soft rock from U2 (Sometime You Canít Make It On Your Own) and earnest alternative pop from No Doubtís Gwen Stefani (Hollaback Girl) holds up the disc's first half, while Eminem with his Mockingbird and Oasis doing Lyla highlight the second half. Natalie Imbruglia, Destinyís Child and Jennifer Lopez are also sandwiched in the middle of the album's track listing with their new efforts.

So if you're a pop music fan and most of these songs haven't burned you out from exposure yet, this might be worth a shot. Handís down this is a prefect sampler of today's incredibly diverse pop music scene and a great purchase for someone who can't get all the albums of the artists involved.

And the wide mix of artists from different genres of music does help keep things going at a fast interesting pace. Best Of 2005 may not be the greatest compilation ever made, but nevertheless, it does contain enough cool songs to warrant a few listens.

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