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Michael Jackson
As Michael Jackson releases a double disc of his most popular hits, we speak to some famous folks and get their thoughts on the King Of Pop.


Rock With You and Off The Wall are my favourite Michael Jackson songs. They are classic examples of great '80s tracks and are really melodic. Also the words are lovely and he sings beautifully. Even Man In The Mirror is an amazing song. I saw him when he performed live in London. I was so excited that I went to all three of his shows and he was just was incredible! He is a legend because he is a composer, a writer, has a fantastic voice and he developed a style of his own. Above all he is the world's greatest performer.”


“I love Billie Jean. It's a classic and Michael Jackson is the original pop star, the number one, the biggest ever! He has been able to move with the times and re-invent his sound and that qualifies him as a true legend”


Heal The World is my favourite Michael Jackson song. I love the feel of the song and the words. Michael Jackson is unique and there is still no one like him! He became such a phenomenon because especially at the time that he made it big, there really wasn't anyone like him.”


“I love Thriller. Michael Jackson remains very popular and his music touches a lot of people. I think his strongest point is that he is a brilliant showman. That really appeals to people around the world.”


“My favourite Michael Jackson songs are Smooth Criminal, Black Or White, Bad, Beat It and Billie Jean. Michael has given everything to music since childhood. I like his attitude, and I am praying that he can get out of his personal troubles and get back into music. I recently watched a live concert DVD of his and the thrill you get out of it is like nothing else!”

You can read the rest of our feature on Michael Jackson in the September 2005 issue of The Record Music Magazine available at your local newsagent.

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