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The Rasmus
Who would have predicted that one of the best rock songs to come out in 2004 would be courtesy four young rockers from Finland! After their mega massive In the Shadows swept the world The Rasmus haven't looked back. Last year the rockers spoke to us about their breakthrough album Dead Letters. This year, drummer Aki Hakala talks exclusively to us about the follow-up album, the trappings of success and finding spirituality in Mexico City.

The Record: Tell us about the new album.
Aki: The album is called Hide From The Sun. We toured for three and a half years with the previous album and after we were done we didn't want to take any time off. There were lots of feelings from the tour and from visiting different countries. We just wanted to get back and work on new material.
Musically, it is a kind of dark, melancholic album, like the previous one. It continues nicely from it, but it is harder, with more guitar licks. Also, on the other hand, it has beautiful melodies and even a song with acoustic guitar, so it is kind of 'beauty and the beast' in style.

TR: You watched horror movies while recording your previous album what influenced this album?
Aki: That's true, we watched a lot of horror movies! While recording this album, everyday when we came back from the studio we wanted to do something related to music. So we watched a lot of music DVDs. Like Metallica's Some Kind Of Monster where you see them in the studio working on their latest album. It's always good fun seeing what other good bands are doing.

TR: Do you have any favourite songs off Hide From The Sun?
Aki: Yeah, my favourite song is one called Immortal. I like the feel of it. We recorded it one year before the rest of the songs from the album. It is a special song because we also played it on stage at sound check several times. It was more like a jam for us, like In The Shadows was. We jammed the song, Lauri had some nice melodies and in a couple of days we had a complete song. It was a nice moment; it had all the band members involved in it.

TR: Tell us about the first single No Fear.
Aki: No Fear was easy to decide on as the first single. The song is influenced a lot by bands from the '80s like Skid Row and Guns 'N Roses, who we really liked when we started to play our instruments. Also lyrically it's about this person who forgets the old things, what happened in the past and wants to move forward and go ahead in his or her life. We shot the video for the song in Berlin.

TR: How is the song Out Of The Shadows related to your previous hit In The Shadows?
Aki: In The Shadows had a strong theme of seeking and a lot of questions. Now we got the answers for those [questions] and so Out Of The Shadows is the second part of the song which is not so depressed!

TR: You toured a lot in the last year. Any memorable places?
Aki: We had some spiritual moments in Mexico City. We went to the pyramids and did a lot of meditation and things and we really got into the culture. I really liked it. We took part in Inca tribe activities and we even have Inca tribe names. It's nice, it's something to remember from Mexico.

You can read the rest of our exclusive with The Rasmus in the September 2005 issue of The Record Music Magazine available at your local newsagent.

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