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VELVET REVOLVER - LIBERTAD Right from the opening riff, you’re hooked. Well, I was. For a sophomore album, Libertad seems nothing like it. It’s got the feeling of a first album; in fact, it would probably have been a great first album for the supergroup. Libertad is Velvet Revolver’s follow-up to their monstrous Contraband released in 2004. The album has a singular theme running through it, as you will see recurring on the inlay as well, ‘Déme la libertad, o déme la muerte’ meaning appropriately, ‘Give me liberty, or give me death’.

And freedom is a concept explored in more ways that one on this album. Songs like Let It Roll, Get Out The Door, The Last Fight, Just Sixteen explore freedom from social stigmas, bad relationships and a country you’re disillusioned with. On a broader level, the album also refers to the freedom each of these performers have gained from their previous bands, Guns N’ Roses and Stone Temple Pilots primarily.

Musically speaking though, the band has taken this freedom to add something individually to the album, and as a Slash fan, I’ve got to say I’m glad to hear some of Slash’s best work here. His trademarked solos are back, and they sound amazing! My only gripe with the album is that there’s just one real ballad ~ if you don’t count Gravedancer. And because it’s one of the best tracks on the album, I want more!

It’s hard to pick your favourite tracks when you’ve got such a solid piece of work, but off the top of my head, Let It Roll, She Builds Quick Machines, The Last Fight, Mary Mary and the ELO cover Can’t Get It Out Of My Head shine through. With enough chance for each of this talented bunch’s stars to shine, the album is a great boost for rock in this age. It truly is hard rock on a viable comeback. Now if only younger artists took their cue and explore hard rock, we’d be in line for another great rock era.

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