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Abhijeet Sawant
India’s first Indian Idol hit it big with his debut album, and as his follow-up effort hits the shelves, we get a sneak peek into what Abhijeet Sawant’s got on his mind.

Winning Indian Idol opened numerous doors for this young singer, but not as many as his hard work and sheer talent have. Abhijeet Sawant had Mumbai’s masses voting for him, and he’d won over their hearts before he even had something to offer. His album’s release was all the more successful for the attention he’d garnered, and it helped that it contained a number of amazing tracks. Still, his ‘good boy’ image was about to change.

Abhijeet Sawant’s brand new album is called Junoon, and it features a just as brand new Abhijeet. This time around, he has burst onto the scene with a new avatar and a new sound, and he’s already creating a buzz amongst listeners. The Record got up close with the singer for his opinions on the album, its first single, and life as a pop star.

Walk us through your new album.
The new album has a more rock sound to it compared to the first album which was more of a ‘chocolatey’ boy singing romantic songs. This time the music company thought to change my genre a bit to make it more acceptable to more people as many would like to hear me in a new avatar. Junoon contains 10 tracks and is a mix of soulful and Sufi rock music. The sound is slightly peppier than my debut effort. Most of the music has been composed by the talented debutant Amit Trivedi along with Mithoon, Biddu and Jatin Sharma. Moreover, the album also contains an extraordinary remix by DJ Akbar Sami. Junoon is about passion against odds. [The album] contains emotions and music that I believe every individual will relate to. It describes the passion that drives all of us sometimes to lift ourselves from the dust. And that is what ‘Junoon’ is. It is an inspiration to every individual to raise themselves towards their goals.

Your first music video looks really good, where did the concept come from?
All the credit for the music video goes to the director of the video, Rizy, who decided to have the video shot at Ladakh. He felt that the title song had a very Sufiana feel to it. He was looking for a place somewhere far where there would be very less people ~ something like a no man’s land. He thought about Ladakh and the idea just felt right and I must say it really came off well. By the way, the female face in the video is model Aarti who is also into ad films.

Do you prefer your current pop star status or would you consider spending more time recording playback?
Every singer has a dream to sing playback. And it’s the same with me. I cannot change what destiny has in store for me, but for the moment I know that singing is what I want and that will always be my goal. I am a popstar and I am also into playback singing. In the last two years, I have done work in movies like Ashique Bane Aapke, Jawani Dewani and [also for] forthcoming releases like There are also a few other untitled movies that will be released soon. I have also done about three or four regional films in the past two years, including a Kannada film. In fact, I have also tried acting and did a small role sometime back in the crime serial CID, but singing is what I want to do.

You can read the rest of our feature on Abhijeet Sawant in the September 2007 issue of The Record Music Magazine available at your local newsagent.


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